Monday, June 1, 2009

looking like Will

Yesterday Will squeezed in beside me in the rocking chair.
Newly six, he is looking especially old and more like his dad each day.
My sister, Jenny, was sitting across the room on the couch as we were talking.
I pointed out Will's hands to Jenny,
"I love these hands. They look exactly like Scott's hands."
"What about my feet? Whose feet do I have?"
"Your dad's. And your eyes look like your dad's. And your curly hair."
We decided almost everything about Will looked like Scott.
His chin didn't look like mine. I have a small cleft in mine.
His nose is a little ski jump like Scott's. His knees didn't look like mine at all.
Finally, Jenny said maybe our elbows looked alike. \
It was a pretty close match. But Will said,"No, Mom, my elbows look like Dad's, too."
He wasnt' given me anything. Luckily, I like Scott a lot so it's okay with me if Will wants to be all Daddy's boy.
Later last night, I paused to look in the mirror and was caught off guard once again by my hair.
I have always had straight hair and now all of the sudden it has decided to go all Gene Wilder on me. But just in one or two places. So now I have straight AND curly hair. It's strurly. It's frightening is what it is.
I came out to show Scott my bangs which instead of staying nice and straight like I had blown them dry, had shrunk up into a decided "s" curl in the front.
"Do you see this crazy curl? Where in the world did that come from? Why is my hair getting curly all of the sudden?"
Immediately Will was in front of me looking up at my bangs.
"Mom, do you look like me? Don't you want to look like me?"
I grabbed him up, all six years of him and said,
"Yes, Will, I would love to look like you."
Maybe in the grand scheme of things having Gene Wilder bangs is not so bad after all.

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Girly Muse said...

Oh, so sweet!!!

Leslie said...

And I love Gene Wilder, so it's all good.