Monday, June 8, 2009


Last week was our last week of school.
We packed the weekend in like a can of sardines.
A kindergarten graduation. An 8th graduation. A graduation party. A smores party.
Parents visiting. Dinner out. A full day at church and Scott speaking at another church for Sunday night.
There has not been much room for an extra breath.
It has been good stuff. Really good stuff.
And now that we have done all that good stuff
I would like to keel over and take a two week nap.
But since that is not an option I'm thinking about how I can soak up this summer.
When we were kids summer was an long strand of days stretching out before us
like paper lanterns hung on a wire.
Each warm day brilliant with its own possibilities.
We weren't sure what each day would involve but surely there would be some friends on hand and maybe some home made popsicles to eat out on the steps.
There was space and freedom and we had so much time on our hands we got bored.
And somehow, someway, I want to sneak some of that feeling of laziness and
leisure and possibility into these next three months.
I'm not quite sure how I will accomplish that with subbing part time, writing part time and mothering full time.
But I know this...I've done a whole year of complicated.
And I would like a summer full of simple.
Summer evenings with the boys playing in the back yard.
Reading fat books with good plots and even better dialogue.
Sipping lemonade with girlfriends.
An actual date with Scott...that would be a novelty.
I would like to re-organize my pantry.
Let's face it....I have delusions of grandeur.
But somehow, someway, I would like to be able to breathe a bit more,
to laugh a lot more and to enjoy the days that lay before me with the people
that I love the most.
Who's with me?

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{Jodie} said...

I'm in!

Melissa said...

Sounds wonderful!

Missy said...

we are reading your book for our women's group...and loving it! God is using you in so many ways!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I am! I am!

Summer should be simple. I see it as much a gift from God as the Sabbath.

Erica said...

I'm in...bring it on!

BizzieLizzie said...

Oh, I am SO with you! We are wrapping up our last week and it cannot come quick enough! I so look forward to having Lizzie home with me during the summer and being spontaneous! God is good!

Rachel said...

Count me in!

Pamela said...

I AM IN! We have until 6/19, but we are counting the days... I am working on our "ideal week" schedule which gives me some guidelines of when we can go to the pool, beach, library, and when I can get that reading or exercise time in. Even though it is a schedule of sorts, there is a lot of room for popsicles and searching for fireflies (if we had some here in so cali!). Here's to the lazy days of summer!!!

Bronwen said...

I am with you and think this is just beautiful: When we were kids summer was an long strand of days stretching out before us
like paper lanterns hung on a wire.
Each warm day brilliant with its own possibilities.

Are you still headed down here this month? xo Bronwen

Kim said...

I would love to but it's winter here and we just sat down last night with our co-workers and by the time we were done our calendar was filled with squiggles that my husband calls writing and the months of June and July are pretty much totally booked. See you in August?

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

I don't have a summer vacation but I am all for keeping things simple. This Saturday my husband and I are taking 2 of our dogs swimming at his brother's house where they have a lake. I plan on enjoying every moment of that. Keeping it simple with the dogs, and maybe some iced tea out on the back deck.