Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a breakfast serenade

This morning I woke to a small body snuggling in next to me.
Scott says I never know when the children come get in bed.
That I just lift my arm like a mother bird lifting her wing, beckoning them in.
To me I just think of it as survival, trying to get as much sleep as possible.
It's a throw back to my nursing days, where in the middle of the night, I told myself if I just kept my eyes closed that I could pretend I was still sleeping.
The children know on these last days of summer they are on their own for breakfast
as Scott and I are trying to get our last few mornings of sleeping in under our belts.
They are getting so they can make their own toast or grab a bowl of cereal and watch a little PBS. There are no big breakfasts at this point.
This is what summer is about.
I was a little caught of guard this morning when the warm snuggly boy next to me began singing,
I want it that way...
Tell me why?
Ain't nothing but a heartache...
Tell me why?
Ain't nothing but a mistake....

It was at this point that I flipped over and looked him in the face.
I have never been serenaded by a three year old singing Back Street Boys before.
I asked him, "What are you doing?"
He just wrinkled up his nose at me and smiled and started singing again.
I want it that way.....
"You want what that way?"
He stopped and said,
"Mom, can you get me some cereal?"
The children are getting creative in getting their breakfast needs met.
You will be happy to know that his spontaneous song was rewarded with a bowl of cereal.
But the count down to early mornings has begun. Time is short. Sleep is precious.
Tomorrow I expect a dance routine to get me out of bed before 7.

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Erica said...

Could you set up a video camera before you go to bed? That would be great...thanks!

a journey of faith said...

that is just hysterical!!! gotta love how they motivate (manipulate?) us :D Sweet beyond words!!!

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

That's precious.
If you want to get more sleep, teach the kids how to press "record" on the video camera. Tell them they can record their lovelywonderful songs,dances,jokes, and routines ANY time they want.... and they are allowed to wake you up and press play any time AFTER 9 .m., cuz mama needs sleep, thanks ;)

I love the stories about your kids. :)