Monday, September 28, 2009

beatitudes for the working mom

I've spent the last 3 1/2 weeks subbing at Addison's preschool.
It has been a good 3 1/2 weeks. I love the women who teach at the preschool.
And I am amazed by them. Over half of them are working moms who juggle full
time jobs and husbands and homework and lunches and still manage to get their nails done.
These are women who bring home the bacon and then cook it up for dinner.
In my minds they are rock stars.
After my first day of work, I climbed into bed 45 seconds after the
children were in bed. Maybe 30 seconds.
Because I needed all the sleep that could be had before the next day of work.
And these girls were always cheery in the morning,
greeting the kids with hugs and kisses and a new excitement for the day.
Yes, they were. Even when they sky was still dark out side.
So as I sit here this foggy Monday morning at my kitchen table, I am calling down a rich blessing on them and for all those moms out there who do it all, giving their lives for their families and Jesus and doing it with a smile.

Blessed are those who get up in the wee morning hours to make sure everyone has clean underwear before the day starts, they get a gold star by their name.

Blessed are those who make tomorrow's lunches while they are making tonight's dinner so that their children will have healthful sandwiches and fruit and such, even when the children actually prefer the lunches their dad's make that have candy and products with monosodium glumate in them, they will receive their full reward...when the kids visit the dentist.

Blessed are those who are nursing and working, who pump in bathrooms and closets and under desks for their babies even when it is not convenient and they feel like a dairy, they will recieve an extra la leche league jewel in their eternal crown.

Blessed are those who come home from work to more work and manage enough energy to pull out the vaccuum and sweep up the saltine crackers that have been ground to a fine dust in the carpet, they will receive a Roomba autonomous robot vaccuum for their heavenly mansion.

Blessed are those who find time to date their husbands after doing homework with the children and scrubbing bathtubs and doing their bills online, they will inherit many kisses. (Scott and I count emergency room visits (gall bladder attacks, ulcer attacks, stepping on glass) as quality alone gotta take those dates where you can get them.)

Blessed are those who make it to Saturday with their sanity in tact, they will receive a morning of coffee with their girlfriends. (This will need to be arranged with the husband...make him read this blog and then with phone in hand and a tear in the eye, ask for a morning off. I'm sure he will oblige.)

Blessed are those husbands who appreciate those wives who work so hard and give them foot rubs and tell them they are doing a great job with all the different types of work they are doing and that they look lovely while they are doing it,they will surely get a morning off to play golf or read books or watch football or whatever their heart desires because anyone says nice things and rubs feet will be greatly rewarded.

Blessed are those who after working many hours, call out on the sweet name of Jesus for some energy and renewal and a new day, it shall come to pass. (It says so in the scripture, he gives us new mercies every morning...can I get an amen?)

Blessed are those who work all week long and go to church on Sunday to get a good word from the Lord even though getting the family ready to go church almost makes them lose their salvation, they will recieve a Sunday afternoon nap without interruption. (It just doesn't get much better than that.)

Shout outs to the Kiddie Garden teachers - Paula, Cheri, Jenn, Leslie, Vanessa, Blenda, Adelle, Teacher V and you, too, Micah! :)

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Girly Muse said...

Amen and AMEN!!!

Leslie said...

You totally get it, Suebie.