Thursday, October 1, 2009

time outs and tantrums and such

Lately my three year old has taken to yelling out "No!" as many times as he can in a row and then hurling himself to floor as if to make a point.
Point taken.
What grieves me is that this is my sweet baby, the one who cuddles and gives five kisses each night before getting in bed, one on each cheek, the forehead, the nose and then the lips.
He is sweetness personified...with a litte touch of the devil thrown in.
It seems he is pressing boundaries and such.
So Scott and I have had to take a hard tack with him the past few days.
Taking away batman toys, lo even spiderman, and walking out the punishments that we threaten him with. And of course, there are the ever present time outs.
The "Oh, Yes, you will be going to sit on your bed for all the three minutes that super nanny recommends until you can realize that throwing fits does not get you what you want" time outs.
So after a long variety of some fits and crying and a string of time outs yesterday
it came to me that he was very committed to getting his way if he could and this could be a long road.
He became best friends with his bed for a while.
This has been our mantra, "When you throw a fit, you don't get what you want."
As I was in the kitchen, I heard Jack yell out,
"He just bit me!" Biting, even!
It appears the battle for good behavior and no fits wages on.
As I poked my head around the corner,
Addie with his wide blue eyes and guilty look painted on his face, looked up at me and said,
"I think I'll go sit on time out," and then headed down the hall to his room.
Good call, son. Good call.

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Okay, so this has nothing to do with the post, but I just noticed you are getting another book published! I am so excited. I loved your first one!