Wednesday, October 7, 2009

pumpkin waffles save the day

I tried out a new slow cooker recipe last night. Chicken and stuffing casserole.
I prepared and pre chopped veggies. I layered the chicken and stuffing mixtures.
And I waited. 5 hours. Dinner rolled around.
I lifted off the steaming lid on a hot mess of chicken and stuffing mush.
Have you ever known stuffing to be gelatinous?
Apparently it can be after cooking on low heat for 5 hours.
The vegetables were also mushified.
I have texture issues, people. I had a little gag going on as I sampled it.
So we had the kitchen conference. Scott and I taste testing...throwing in some
cheese to see if the situation could be rectified.
It is a sad and sorry dish that cheese can not save.
So I had a brainstorm....the box of pumpkin waffle mix that I had gotten at
Trader Joe's the other day. I wasn't sure how I would feel about pumpkin waffles...I thought they might be too sweet but anything was better than the hot chicken milkshake that I had concocted.
I pulled out the waffle iron and whipped up the batter. And lo and behold,
there was some pumpkin loveliness to be had along with some laying on of butter and
maple syrup.
Scott called it waffle redemption.
The texture wasn't was almost pancake like and cradled the butter and
syrup lovingly and melted on the tongue.
The mockery of the chicken and stuffing mush quieted down as we ate (inhaled) our pumpkin waffles.
There is just one thing to be said.
God bless Trader Joe's and its pre-made boxed goods.

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Kim said...

You mean stuffing isn't supposed to be gelatinous? :-) I actually prefer corn bread stuffing for that very reason.

I cracked up at Scott's "waffle redemption" comment. But then again, pancakes have been known to save a day or 57 around here too.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Breakfast for dinner is always about redemption -- redemption from a crummy day, redemption from an unplanned schedule, and yes, redemption from gelatinous chicken.

I've got TJ's Pumpkin Bread mix on my list already. I haven't seen it in the stores yet, but it's bound to show up soon. I'll have to add Pumpkin Waffles to that.

(P.S. My husband is in your neck of the woods this week. Pretty much kills me that he's that close and I'm this far. Will we ever have coffee?)

Erica said...

Oh, look at you getting your Chronicles going....sweet! Next thing you're going to say your are doing twitter!

BizzieLizzie said...

Since becoming a fan of yours, I have learned and discovered Trader Joe's. There's no turning back! Waffles for dinner - rank high up on our list here in the Blackwell home! I must get to Trader Joe's soon and try out the pumpkin waffle mix!

Rachel said...

The waffles sound yummy! I'll have to give them a try. I think I'll pass on the crockpot concoction.

myfaithlasts said...

Hey, at least you TRY to cook. I don't even attempt it anymore.

My last attempt at inventing something good to eat for dinner was what I liked to call "Spaghetti Soup." Yes, it was... spaghetti in a wonderful chicken broth.

So, yah. Pumpkin waffles and a chicken milksahek sound delish. ;)