Thursday, September 3, 2009

life has a way of changing things up on you

I'm not sure where it comes from...if it is innate or learned.
But I am pre-disposed to think that things in life should go a certain way.
Like that appliances should always work, my children should obey and that
chocolate should always be available.
I tend to feel that car doors should open without struggle, that my hair should part to one side and that there should be no small shards of glass visiting the floor in front of the dryer.
I am always shocked when life does not respond the way I think it should.
Apparently, the door to our van is demon possessed and I feel like an alligator wrestler trying to close it, my hair thinks it is still the 70's and keeps wanting to part in the middle and last night I impaled my foot on a knife like piece of glass that had planted itself in front of the dryer.
The latter caused some great distress as I scared Scott and the children with my yells and resulted in an ER visit and meeting an angry nurse who scrubbed the life out of my cut with an iodine sponge causing me to yell out things like "Sweet Hosannas!" and "Help me, dear Jesus!".
Now I am prone to complain when things don't go as they should.
Please don't talk to Scott about this because some of my complaining has worn him right down over the years.
But I have been reading The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Myers and she has been me working me over chapter by brutal chapter about how we as followers of Jesus should think and live out that thinking.
She actually has a chapter about grumbling, complaining and fault finding in there.
I could only take a few paragraphs of that chapter at a time....and a few times while reading I said outloud, "Oh, no, she didn't!"
Because she was a little too right on.
But she did, tsgs, she really did.
She calls her readers on how they walk out their lives and how they manage their thoughts and words in view of their circumstances.
So I am trying to view last nights foot piercing in a different light.
Because you should know that I am going to Texas today to be with my college roomies, Barbie and Leslie, for Labor Day weekend and we had planned to do a whole lot of things that involved using my foot.
So I am trying to think about how I can turn my complaining on it's ear....
I am taking a pro-active approach. I have decided that to combat my complaining nature I am going to use all of the assistance vehicles I can in the next 5 days.
I have always wanted to ride one of those little scooter machines around Target
and now I finally have the chance. This thought did pep me up a little.
And I may have to talk Barbie and Leslie into hopping on.
This first lap around the store is for Jesus....
the second is for Joyce.

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Just Me,Pilgrim said...

I LOVE Joyce Meyer and her books. That book is my absolute FAVORITE. I have been on a mission for the past 16 months to stop complaining and start speaking positively, and I can tell you personally that it has changed my whole life for the better. You can totally do this too!! Check out Joyce's website sometime... she has some incredibly encouraging messages, videos, studies, and more books there:
Take care!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Besides the motorized carts at Target, I say you can leverage that deep wound on your foot into:
1. pre-boarding for your flight
2. extra snacks and/or drinks on your flight
3. free dessert at one restaurant, minimum
4. never having to lift your finger to make dinner for the next week.

(Have fun!)

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

Leslie said...

Folks, I have a pic. We didn't find a scooter at Target, but found success at the small grocery store in East Texas where we went for snacks. And we chased my sister around the store in it. Yep. Almost 40 year old women laughing and squealing as we humiliated ourselves. A grand time was had by all...except for maybe my sister. :) Sue, I'll send you the pic. You should post it! Love you! LesP