Sunday, September 13, 2009

out the mouths of babes

Tonight, Evie Haskell, a Christian artist, and her husband Josh came down to lead worship at Pathway.
Josh is one of our old youth kids. We consider Evie ours by adoption.
It was a pretty intimate service.
The numbers were small but God seemed big. Filling the space with his presence.
When the kids joined us at the end of the gathering, Addie had one question.
"Mom, why are you crying?"
I told him, "I was talking to God and he was talking back."
Jack followed up with, "Why is everyone's face red? Did you guys use face paint?"
As we got in the car, Addie asked again,
"Why were you crying?"
So I said, "Sometimes when I am happy I cry.
So when God and I were talking it made me cry."
A few minutes later, Addie said to me,
"Mom, sometimes God talks to me at school."
"He does?"
"What does he say to you?"
"He says to me, "Addison, I love you and I miss you."
"Oh Addie, he does love you! That is exactly right."
To which Will piped up,
"Why would God miss you, Addie? He is with you everywhere that you go!"
Their words were like a high heady balm to my very soul.
Most of you know, my children are prolific when speaking about intestinal gas,
insects and Star Wars.
It was a sweet moment and it broke me right down.
I had to cry a little. Because of all the happy.

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Kristi said...

Sue, I love the line 'I was talking to God and He was talking back'. Such a meaningful way to explain to our boys how God moves us... I don't always respond to your blogs like I'd like to - makes me sad I have to use a password to get in and I can never remember it! Still reading you...Sending you big love, Kristi

Kara said...

It made me want to cry a little too. I love it Sue. You are evidently raising them with Christ in their heart and in their souls. You're awesome!

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

That's precious.... hope you wrote that down in a journal somewhere (not just here) so you always have their words to look back on.

My 6 year old niece asked Jesus into her heart this summer and it was one of the mose incredible moments I've ever had helping her pray that prayer. To hear her say that she knows Jesus loves me.... oh kids can say the most amazing things sometimes can't they!?