Sunday, November 1, 2009

i'm grateful

I love November.
I am particularly grateful for the month since it is the month of my birth
and I hold fond memories of some scrumptious cakes and a cry baby tenderlove doll and my first month of being married and of course, Thanksgiving,
all of which are contained in November.
And so I've thought long and hard (3 seconds) about what I should write about this month and I am going to write about being grateful...every day...
because mostly I forget to be grateful every day.
I thought it would be a good "glass-half-full" kind of exercise since in the last few months I have had more thoughts like "it's-all-going-down-the-toilet" and "how-can-we-make-it-until-next-Tuesday" and "I-can-never-find-a-clean-pair-of-socks-when-I-need-to" and things of that nature.
So I today I am grateful for 3 boys with candy.
Halloween yielded a plethora of sweets for my children last night.
Addison was a fierce mini-Batman, Will was an equally impressive army man, and Jack portrayed the scariest thing known to man....
a math teacher armed with a red pen for handing out F's.
This morning the children woke up in a state of joy.
They immediately poured out their plastic pumpkins on the table to compare, contrast, and trade their goods....a bit like NAFTA.
They also formed a reject pile of mounds and almond joys to donate to their coconut loving cousin Robert.
They perused their piles like pirates gloating over their treasure.
And I look at them and remember how absolutely glorious it was to lay into a full pile of chocolate back in the days when I didn't worry about what it would do to my thighs.
When I see their smiles and hear their laughs (and howls over a candy trade gone bad)
I know I have a lot to be grateful for today.
Sweet boys. Sweet smiles. 17 snickers that will soon be mine.

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tasmiley said...

i agree!!! its amazing how the trading starts before you even get son loves daughter not so much!!! so it all the way I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! it makes me laugh! even though i only have two kids & a single mom..i share the same stories!!! love your book cant wait to the new one comes out!!! = )

Girly Muse said...

i love your grateful posts and i love your it's-all-going-down-the-toilet posts. :) this one was especially sweet though...with all the candy to boot.

i remember the days when i used to take all the mounds and almond joys out. sadly, these days i'll take whatever chocolate i can how things change.

ashleypmo said...

I remember Baby Tenderlove! My mother said it was the (and I quote) "UGLIEST DOLL" she had ever seen. Let me tell you, it hurts when somebody says your baby is ugly. Even if that baby is made out of plastic....

Rachel said...

I knew I liked you. My birthday is also in November.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I love November too.

(Are the Snickers your because you take them? Or because your boys don't like them? The kids in our house don't like Snickers. More for Mom, so I'm not complaining.)