Friday, January 15, 2010

a call to to speak

Sometimes we feel absolutely overwhelmed by the tragedies in this life.
Like what happened in Haiti two days ago.
It is hard to wrap your mind around the devastation.
And then on top of that, how do you make that tragedy understandable
to your kids?
Yesterday, I was telling the boys we need to pray for the people in Haiti.
And Addison said, "I don't want to pray for the people in Haiti."
Which is understandable since he has no idea who those people are or where Haiti is.
So I told him, "Addie, there are little kids your age who need us to pray for them.
Who need help and could be hurt."
"Are they scared?"
"Yes, they are scared."
"Oh," he said.
And that seemed to resonate a bit with his small soul.
Because when you are 3, fear can be a very real thing. So we prayed.
Being aware of such devastation and trying to make an impact seems almost impossible.
It can be paralyzing. And mostly, we think in a situation like this there is nothing we can do.
But here is the thing.
We don't have to be perfect. We don't have to solve the world's problems.
We don't have to even do something miraculous.
But we do have to do something.
Whether it's praying or sending money or teaching our kids about compassion
or talking about it with our friends and figuring out who or how we can help,
we have the ability to be light in a dark place because Jesus lives in us.
And he likes it when we do something. He likes it when we love his kids.
And if we can all do our small or medium or large thing, for the sake of those he loves, it adds up to something.
My mom lit a candle in her living room yesterday to remind her to keep praying through out the day for those suffering in Haiti. Something.
And churches all across the world and taking up offerings big and small to send to relief organizations. Something.
Friends are going on line to donate, sending immediate re-inforcements to help to those in need. They are visiting
The Red Cross. Convoy of Hope. World Vision. Compassion International.
(click on any of these to donate)
And I am planning on baking some cupcakes for a bakesale on Sunday for Convoy of Hope who is on the ground in Haiti. Something.
Not earth shattering in its proportions, I know, to sell a small bit of cake with some frosting and sprinkles on top for a buck. But bucks add up.
And it is something.
I heard a story today about a young American aid worker in Haiti who lost her leg when it was crushed in the earthquake. When they made it to the Sri Lankan UN base, they gave her the best care they could. A fence post to stabilize her leg. Disenfectant. A bandage. And cookies and cough drops.
I think when disaster strikes, there is this great compassionate thing that rises up in our hearts and we want to be involved in making that wrong thing right and do what we can.
Bringing comfort. Whispering prayers. Holding hands. Offering cookies and cough drops.
We can't help it. It's how God made us. So let's do it.

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ashleypmo said...

Amen, sistah. I think so many people let themselves be paralyzed by thinking that their little cupcake is only a drop in the bucket...but to the person whose bucket that drop lands in, it's value is beyond comprehension.

pendy said...

I know. I feel so helpless...made a donation through Compassion but still. I find I can't watch the news or read stories about this disaster because my heart breaks...then I feel guilty because I'm turning away and those in Haiti can not turn away from it.

Kelly @ Love Well said...


Sometimes it's a call to arms. Sometimes it's a call to cupcakes. The important thing is that we do whatever we can. We are Jesus' hands and feet. We are not powerless.

Rachel said...

Our church is taking a special offering this Sunday. All the money from the offering will be sent to Convoy of Hope.

sister sheri said...

I can't even imagine... cookies an cough drops.

We're linking up with Convoy of Hope, too.