Friday, January 15, 2010

heads up

A week before I had Jack, my first, I looked at Scott and said,
"You have the hugest head I have ever seen in my life."
He looked a little shocked and hurt and responded,
"That is the meanest thing you have ever said to me."
And it wasn't a particularly nice thing to say but it had just hit me in that
moment that this child I would soon be bearing could have the same large noggin
and I was filled with an irrational fear.
Which turned out not to be so irrational since Jack's head was enormous as was
Will's and Addison's.
This was one of Scott's gifts to his sons: a giant dome.
They have all taken it in stride.
Jack believes it houses much more brain than the normal kid and he is proud.
Will flaunts his with a head full of blonde curls that he is inordinately proud of.
And Addison? At his 2 year check up, his pediatrician was reciting his stats.
"Height in the 90%. Weight in the 90%....." peals of laughter.....
"I can't even place his head on the's huge."
I gave him a withering look and said, "I know. I birthed him."
That quieted him right down.
Our friend, Ozzie, believes they are all called to play football and tries to get
them to slam heads with each other at every opportunity.
And I can't lie. I like these 3 boys, giant heads and all,
but it can be a disability in the clothing department.
This morning I tried in desperation to wriggle a brand new shirt, only worn once, over Addie's head. Fresh out of the wash, the neck hole seems to have shrunk.
It was the cutest rugby shirt I got at the Carter's outlet over Christmas.
Being the 3rd boy, new shirts are rare in his life. He survives with hand-me downs.
I was overly excited at him having a new shirt.
Let me put things in perspective. Addison is 3.
The shirt was size 5T and fully unbuttoned down the neck. It would not go on.
But I couldn't stop trying to pull it down over his head.
I even tried to put it on face first, squeezing his sweet face into a grimace.
Finally, at his cries his brothers intervened,
"Mom, it's too small. It shrunk. Give it to Baby Drew."
(Drew is their 2 month old cousin who has a normal sized head)
I may have scarred Addison emotionally today.....
and damaged a few vertebrae in his upper neck.
Say a prayer if you think of him...and his big head.

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Carrie said...

This is hilarious. My husband has a rather large head as well, but thankfully our kids haven't inherited it. :) Some of his friends used to call my husband "sasquatchanoggin" :) You can use that if you want to. :)

susanna said...

Carrie - I will totally be using that! Sue