Monday, January 11, 2010

a saturday morning theology

Saturday morning found me laying in bed,
propped up on a pile of pillows, reading a book.
Addison found me and proceeded to sit on my stomach.
He then proceeded to school me with a mini-lecture on the nature of the devil.
"Mom, do you know what the devil will do to you?"
"No, what will he do to me?"
"He will torment you and he won't ever stop."
I'm always interested to see where these thoughts come from since I'm pretty sure Scott and I have never imparted such a truth to our 3 year old.
(God loves you so much....he'll never leave you....and by the way the devil will
torment you endlessly.)
"Who told you that?"
"Will." (Ahhhh, the ever wiser 6 year old brother.)
"Well. What are we going to do about that? Are we going to fight him?"
"Yes!" He answered with great confidence.
"What are we going to fight him with?"
"With light sabers."
A solid plan for demonic attack as far as I'm concerned.
I feel sure Jesus and the force will be with us.

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Andrea said...

I am quite sure Jesus is capable of using Addison's light sabers, too. Go gettem, little man!

Blessings, andrea

Aly said...

haha that is great!!!

sister sheri said...

I think I just saw an ad with light sabers on sale... better go get one for everyone I know! Thanks for sharing the wisdom of a 3-year old... sometimes their uncomplicated lives make everything a little bit clearer!

Bronwen said...

Sounds like the perfect weapon seeing as Jesus is the Light and all...

Kelly @ Love Well said...

We use our like sabers (I try to correct him, but what do I know?) on ALL the bad guys.

Addison and Connor would be fast friends, I'm sure of it.