Sunday, January 3, 2010

a list for my pocket

I always head into January full of hope.
The year always seems so bright and shiny
when it starts out new and full of possibilities.
I like to shake the old year dust off of my feet so to speak.
All the problems of the departed year, the disappointments,
the bills that were due (so...many...bills),
the marital discussions (otherwise known as arguments),
the parenting issues (potty talk and the struggle to get book reports turned in on time),
a complaining spirit (why is it so easy to be a-cup-half-empty-type-of-girl?)
slim in 6 workout video (the workout from hell),
the church planting struggles (free building, anyone?),
these I can leave behind without a second thought.
The goodness and grace that I found in the old year,
long walks and hot cups of coffee with friends,
revisting old friendships (don't mess with Texas)
3 boys up growing healthy and strong (even without eating Wheaties),
potty training the final child (praise the Lord),
wisdom (realizing I need Jesus more than I did last year),
tears of joy (new nephew...first book out...surviving 2009),
bird on a branch throw pillows from Target (thanks Dwight and Jen),
seeing family more (viva la Colorado),
truth (Psalm 34:7),
taking a strong stand against depression (thank you Joyce Meyer's Battlefied of the Mind and Susan, counselor extraordinaire)
and we can't forget the support of a good man (that would be Scott),
these things I will tuck in pocket and carry with with me into 2010.
These are small deposits of hope that I can build on in the upcoming days.
I think Jesus knows that we can't handle the whole of our futures carried in our palms at any one time but he can break it off a year at time and fill us with re-newed vigor and a sense of peace as we walk into the unkown with him.
New years...these are good things.
Anything you are tucking in your pocket in 2010?

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Andrea said...

I have a prayer request on arise 2 write.
Blessings, andrea

deezmath said...

I have my promises tucked into my pocket that I take out when the enemy hits hard w/ doubt, fear and unbelief. Thanks for the quick reflection on your year, Sue.

Have a LOVELY train ride home today! And I mean that w/ all my heart. Let none of the LAST year's mishaps get you down.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Love this post- Happy 2010!

ashleypmo said...

Goooood stuff...
Tucking in my pocket: letting the schedule slide in favor of listening to 4 children (in any combination) playing happily and enjoying each other's company.
Hope your train ride home was all the best kind of wondrous adventure, with no unexpected bodily fluids goin' on....

sister sheri said...

Hi Sue! I'm in the middle of reading your book "All I Need..." and enjoying it. I just posted to my FB status that I was reading it and received quite a few comments telling me how much my friends like it... and that you had a blog... which I find funny because I've just read the chapter where you were just explaining how someone else was asked to write a book... because they wrote "just" a blog!

I have only read this post so far but I see that you have suffered with depression. I do, too. It is now something that compels me to blog. As I'm finishing your book... I'll be praying for you!

Well, I'll read some more of your posts to get to know you better... and looking forward to your next book!


amy said...

Hi Susanna!

You go, girl. I have a feeling 2010 will be a fabulous year for you too!
Loved how you pointed out all the "ughs" of 2009 but all the "aha's" too. Isn't that life, a healthy balance of both!!
Hat's off to you though for not letting your "ugh's" keep you away from having " aha's."
Realizing that we're always going to have the 1/2 glass empty moments trying to creep in keeps us aware that we need Jesus more....oh, and of course, a good pair of jeans. lol
My Flourishing Friends of Faith Bible study that I lead read your book~loved it as it really allowed women to open up and say "me too" I struggle with that.

Thank you for saying/writing what many women are feeling.

Flourish On,