Wednesday, April 7, 2010

mblg blog tour: take 3 and 4....

We are just beginning our touring stops on the My Bangs Look Good Blog Tour and
I'm not going to lie, I am enjoying reading what these tired supergirls have to write.
Besides being humbled by their words about the book, I find myself tooling around their blogs for a rather long time and have had to rip my eyes away from reading in order to not neglect the children.
The 3rd stop on the the tour is: The Courageous Mommy
My friend, Jana who blogs over at The Courageous Mommy, is in fact my real life friend. Jana and I met in Washington D.C. 15 years ago (we were only 10 years old apparently) - she was a ranch girl from Wyoming and I was beach girl from California. What we shared in common was laughter, Jesus and hair that smelled like coffee since we were barista's at a mall coffee bar. And now, lo, these many years later, Jana is back in Wyoming with the cowboy of her dreams, Mike, and her sweet family, Hannah and Kade, living and writing and doing things that only Jana can do. My favorite line from her blog on living at the county fair in the summer is (Hannah is a 4H-er) " A Fair Mom w/ a younger child should have really good shoes and a heavy duty stroller that she doesn’t mind getting covered in dust and manure." Jana is courageous, clearly, and I love her to pieces.
The 4th stop on the tour is: Clark Girls + Boy
Melanie, who blogs over at Clark Girls + Boy, is a mom of two sweet kiddos with another on the way. (and she is still blogging? How? Mommy superstar - that's how!) I love this line about her pregnancy, "This baby caused me trouble from the start. And if they say sickness is an indicator of hormone levels, and if hormone levels mean you have a strong baby in there, then this must be the strongest, most beautiful genius baby ever born." I was always a sicko when I was pregnant so I feel I deep bond with Melanie. I felt an even deeper bond with her when I read she is scared of her too busy, over-planned, Real Simple planner. I, too, am overwhelmed by my I don't write things in it...that's how I make myself feel like I have less to do.
Thank you, Jana and Melanie, for taking moments from your full schedules to read the book and share in this blog tour. You are the best!

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