Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the my bangs look good (mblg) blog tour kick off

I have officially kicked off the My Bangs Look Good and Other Lies I Tell Myself
blog tour by sitting at my kitchen table and eating a piece of See's Candy chased down with a glass of milk.
Somehow all important events in my life are remembered by what food I ate in celebration.
Visiting Paris? Angelina's hot chocolate.
My wedding? Chocolate wrapped cheesecake wedding cake.
The birth of child #3? Warm out of the oven yogurt muffins from cousin Gretchen.
Need I go on? (okay, actually I had 2 pieces since who can just eat one piece of See's candy? If you can you are a far stronger woman than me...but I digress)
So a bunch of fantastic supergirls agreed (without much arm twisting) to read the book and then talk about it to their bloggy family and friends and here are the first couple links of the blog tour.
First stop on the blog tour: Girly Muse
My good bloggy friend, Lori over at Girly Muse, did a giveaway earlier in the month with the book. Lori is one of my most favorite people I have never met in real life. We have connected over my love of her songs - she is an artiste - and the fact that we both write and that she names her kids cool names - Indigo and Greyley - and the fact that we have some affection for Madeleine L'Engle - and the fact that we heart Jesus - and the fact that we have had technological difficulties while trying to do a giveaway together. It's a strong interwebby bond that links us together. Make sure to read about her post on Knowing - spoiler alert - you may get a little teary if you are a mom. I'm just sayin'.
Second stop on the blog tour: Chaos Diaries
Ashley says that we are soul sistahs. And I agree. Anyone who feels laundry is of the devil is on my side. Do your thang, Ashley.
She is obiously amazing in that she has 4 kids. Need I say more? I do. She also juggles a life full with "marriage, a writing career, homeschooling, Down syndrome, adolescence, dueling food allergies, one llama, one horse, two goats, two dogs, and one bulimic cat." Sweet Hosannas. The woman is a rock star. AND. Their family is currently trying to adopt a little girl with Downs Syndrome from Eastern Europe. Supergirl extraordinaire.
Thank you, ladies, for being real and for being a part of this writing journey!
And we're off! Check back in to see which supergirl we will visit next.

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Andrea said...


Girly Muse said...

Aw. You just managed to make me all snuffley weepy AND giggly. Thinking about us trying to get that song on your blog that time carried me over to the giggly side...hahahahahahaha. I will love you forever.

ashleypmo said...

You are too kind! And I have toyed with the idea of printing your words on a t-shirt that I can wear on days when I feel particularly inept, but there would probably be a deadly sin in there somewhere....