Wednesday, April 21, 2010

will goes to the dentist

I have a secret fear of dentists.
My first memory of having a cavity filled was when the dentist, who had not numbed my tooth, started drilling and said,
"Just raise your hand if it starts to hurt."
I believe my hand was raised the entire time.
Will is the first of our boys to have a cavity and I took him in on Monday to get it filled.
I was apprehensive. He wasn't.
First of all you should know that his dentist has tvs in the ceiling so that when the kids are getting their teeth worked on, they can watch a movie or play video games.
This is the lap of luxury and I am not going to lie, I am jealous.
So I settled Will in, the dentist came in with numbing gel and nitrous filtered through a bubble gum scented mask and then Addie and I went into the waiting room.
I didn't hear a peep for the next 30 minutes.
And then out came Will, a little disoriented and numb, but coherent enough to pick out a sticky hand toy from the basket.
I asked, "Will, how did it go?"
"How was the happy gas?"
"How is your mouth?"
"It feels weird."
He later demonstrated this as he could not contain the chocolate milk he was drinking for lunch and it dribbled in a continuous stream down his shirt.
It wasn't until later in the afternoon when we picked up Jack from school that Will told us what had gone down.
"Mom, after they put the mask on, I didn't know if I had any hands."
"And then the ceiling started to go ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy."
"That's crazy, Will!" (we couldn't stop laughing.)
"And then I thought maybe I didn't have any feet either."
"That must have felt really weird, Willie."
"Yep, but I knew I still had my head, otherwise I would have been blind."
Good call, Will.
Thanks to Dr. Liu and his lovely nitrous, Will won't ever be afraid of getting cavities filled...he'll just be a touch worried about losing track of the occasional limb.

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Andrea said...

Precious post!

Loren said...

Soooo glad it went well for your sweet boy! Hope in some small way it helped you too :)

Love and Hugs!

Bonnie said...

So funny! I remember that gas as a kid. I was using my thumb to count my fingers...1,2,3,4...I was sure I had 5 fingers but for the life of me I couldn't figure out where my fifth finger (my thumb doing the counting) disappeared too.

Aly said...

I know how Will feels! That still happens to me! :)

Lindsey said...

Have you ever seen David After the Dentist? :)