Friday, May 21, 2010

what we won't do for a little candy

My 4 year old, Addison, has really awful allergies.
He pops benadryll tabs like they are m&ms.
With all the extra rain and blooming going on this spring, he has added allergy induced asthma to his long list of maladies such as eczema, clogged breathing ducts and forever reddened under the nose area.
I feel pretty bad for him when he is so miserable.
Besides the occasional breathing treatment,
he now has to succumb to flonase being shot up his nose.
This is cruel and unusual punishment for a 4 year old...
or for anyone with nostrils for that matter.
Nothing was ever meant to be shot up into your nasal cavity, clogged or not.
So I do what all moms do when they feel guilty and sad about the things they must do to their children for the sake of medicine....I resorted to bribery.
"Addison, you can have 2 jolly ranchers - one for each hand if you sit still while I put your medicine in your nose."
He braved it like a soldier, sniffled and held out his hands for his rewards.
This caused a general uproar from his brothers at the breakfast table due to the vast unfairness of the situation.
"What? Why don't we get jolly ranchers? He got two! No fair!" and so on.
To which I replied, "He goes through a lot you guys." They didn't care.
When Addie left the room Jack said, "Mom, now that Addison is gone can we have a jolly rancher?"
"No. You didn't have to take that medicine."
Jack answered deadpan, "Mom, shoot it up my nose and pass over the jolly ranchers."
We Aughtmons take our candy seriously.

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Girly Muse said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! So cute.

Feel bad for Addison though...will pray for him...and hope the candy keeps working so well. :)

Andrea said...

Too cute!
Blessings, andrea

Amy Liz said...

Shooting flonase up the nose every morning is cruel and unusual punishment for this 36 yr. old too! I can so empathize with Addison. My nose has been the bane of my existence since 6th grade!

Katy W. said...

Oh to be a fair and just mom! Thank GOD for jolly ranchers!

kanishk said...

This is so cute..!!
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