Saturday, July 24, 2010

courting morrow little

As I may have mentioned a time or 12, I enjoy some fiction.
Courting Morrow Little, by Laura Frantz, sucked me in right from the get go.
This book takes place in 1778 Kentucky, when Kentucky was a new frontier, when colonists were trying to establish order from chaos, fighting off sickness, pestilence and the occasional raid by nearby Indian tribes.
The opening scene, a heart wrenching tragedy from her childhood, is one that haunts her through out her life and shapes her story as we follow her return from civilized Pennsylvania and life with her aunt, back into wilds of the Kentucky territory to be with her father.
Apparently, there aren't too many women out in the wilds, and Morrow, being a beautiful woman, has way too many men who would like to make an honest woman of her: a neighboring farmer, a not-too-nice major from the American fort, an Shawnee warrior...the list goes on.
Layer this with the fact that her father has made freinds with the neighboring Shawnee tribe, there is great unrest in the area and the fact that even her girlfriends are a little jealous of Morrow and her beauty, and you sense the tension that is pulling at her as she tries to decide if she should stay on in Kentucky or follow her heart and the one man she is inexplicably drawn to.
Laura Frantz does a great job of leading the reader on a journey that is both intriguing and a little suspenseful and of course, there is some romance (hence the title "Courting Morrow Little")which is always enjoyable.
So if you are in need of a nice thick book to sink your teeth into this weekend, stop by your local bookstore and pick it right up.
Settle in on your couch with a cup of tea and enjoy.

Available at retailers that sell Revell books. NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group. This has neither positively nor negatively biased my review.

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