Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a hope undaunted

One of my new favorite periods to read about is the 1920's.
Maybe because I don't know anything about it.
That's one of the reasons diving into A Hope Undaunted, by Julie Lessman, was so fun.
That and the fact that I love a strong heroine in any book.
A Hope Undaunted takes place in Boston in the late 1920's.
Right in the heart of prohibition and the flapper era.
It follows the story of Katie O'Connor,
a (little bit spoiled) sassy young woman,
who has dreams of marrying well and becoming a lawyer.
I identified with her a bit because she had a plan. I love plans.
She was going to marry her rich boyfriend, Jack,
and set the world on it's earby bucking the current day norm
and becoming a career woman.
Unfortunately, her plan starts to crumble.
I also identified with that.
Through a series of events, her dad makes her give up her summer
by volunteering at the Boston Children's Aid Society.
Which means she will be working for her childhood nemesis, Cluny McGee, aka Luke.
The fun starts when Katie finds she is attracted to Luke despite her best intentions and we get to watch her plans unravel further as her heart begins to melt for the children at the BCAS.
Will she stick with her plan and Jack or work with Luke and become a woman with a passion for helping others?
I won't give away the ending because that would be mean.
And this book has a few twists and turns
that surprised me as well that you
will just have to read for yourself.
But I will say this, I finished this book cheering...
and feeling a bit...hopeful. :)
You can pick it up at a retailer near you.

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Belle said...

It sounds like a great book. When I was young there were TV shows set in the 1920s. The Roaring Twenties was my sister's favorite. We used to practice dancing the Charleston. Untouchables was another show.