Thursday, September 9, 2010

i may have another complex

It's taken me a bit to recover after Will's comment about my pointy nose.
It is a hit to one's ego when one's child points out the short comings in one's appearance.
Not that one thinks that one is perfect. Nope. One doesn't.
One just hopes that other's don't notice the myriad of imperfections that one has.
It seems when one is a mother...this hope is deferred.
Today as I reached over to click the mouse and look something up on the computer,
my oldest son, Jack, took notice of my hands.
"Mom, your hands are so vein-y!"
I looked down at my hands. They are vein-y. But I like them.
I'm partial to vein-y hands.
I told Jack, "I like my hands. Both my mom and grandma have vein-y hands."
Jack gave me a sympathetic look and said,
"No offense, Mom, but they look like witch's hands."
None taken, Jack.
Now don't mind me as I put on my pointy cone hat to match my pointy nose.
The vein-y hands just bring the witch look together for me.

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BARBIE said...

Ha ha, too funny. Kids are so blatantly honest! I love it!

Sheila said...

Oh my goodness gracious. Let's just hope he isn't so honest with your mother-n-law this could cause some problems ;)

Michele B said...

Yes indeed, kids are honest! My son of 7 or 8-ish once took exception to my humming. "Mom," he said. "It's not your humming that's so annoying, it's that you don't even know you're doing it!" My daughter, older and wiser, had a different take. "I like it because if we get separated in the store, all I have to do is stop and listen and I know where to find you."

My son is now 30 and has since forgiven me.... at least I think!

Laura said...

Oh my! Thanks for the laugh! Your good humor about all of this is wonderful! Just remember that someday, their kids will be just as "honest" with them!

Shane said...

I hear you have the sox to go with your ensem.