Tuesday, September 14, 2010

making waves

Making Waves, by Lorna Seilstad, was in a word, fun.
This story takes place on the shores of Lake Manawa, the summer haunt of the well-to-do in turn of the century Iowa.
The heroine, Marguerite Westing, is feisty, stubborn and beautiful.
What is not to like?
Her suitor, Roger Gordon, for one. Boring. Overbearing. Tiresome.
But don't fear, a hero arrives in the person of sailing instructor, Trip Andrews.
He is not so boring.
I loved Marguerite's storyline that wove in the stories of a little brother that just wants to have fun, a best friend who is a house servant, a not so perfect father and a mother with little else on her mind other than getting her daughter married to a well connected gentleman, boring or not.
The reader is caught up in a time and place that is exotic and yet familiar.
As you read, you hear the swell of the music of the pavillion on the lake, imagine the cool of the wind on the deck of Trip's boat and root for an impossible match as you dive in to this story.
If you need a little romance and an escape to the shore, this book is for you.

Available at retailers that sell Revell books. NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group. This has neither positively nor negatively biased my review.

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