Monday, September 20, 2010

the are a few new blogs you should check out because I like them

So I decided to change the look of the blog up a bit.
Because it's like re-decorating but it's free and that is not small thing.
I was inspired by two blogs that made me want a little more clean look here at Confessions of a Tired Supergirl.
One blog is my sister, Erica's, new companion blog for her Bonbon Charms website,
The Bonbon Blog.
I love the look of it. I'm enamored of it. I'm a little covetous of it.
Look how pretty it is. Isn't it?
Go right ahead and subscribe to because it is fun.
It follows the ins and outs of Erica's days, sneak peaks of her new designs and all the fun things she has going on up there in Eugene, Oregon, that I am missing out on.
I love her a ton. And I'm a little in love with her blog if you can't tell.
And the second is my good friend, Kara, (I miss you,Kara Lynn Dawn), who has just started a new recipe blog called The Recipe Box.
She is going to be posting her favorite recipes and I can't wait.
She made her barbeque meatballs once when she visited California and I still think of them fondly.
Kara would come hang out with me and my boys every Tuesday when we lived in Virginia and our husbands worked together at National Community Church.
Food was always involved.
We devoured many salads together (in attempts to be good) and many scones together (when the salads didn't fill us up.)
You will also want to subscribe to this blog...because your mouth will like it.
Don't forget to let me know if there are any blogs out there I may be missing.
I always enjoy a good bloggy read.


Erica said...

Sue, I love the new look! You did it!! It's fantastic.

Jill said...

Sue - I truly appreciate your humor! No I mean it! LOL --- Your blog post for 9/17 made me laugh alot! Like doing the happy dance laughing! ;) C U at school....

susanna said...

Thanks, Erica! I like it, too! I'm excited about how it looks. Thanks for cheering me on! :)

Kara said...

First of all - I love the new look! How fun are you????!! Secondly - a shout out? Seriously?? You are so sweet. I tell many a friend about our lovely Tuesdays together back when I was childless and you had just had Will and we laughed and ate and went to Target. I miss those days! I was talking to one of the Pastor's wives at our church a few weeks ago and I thought you would laugh when she told me she had been given your first book and she said "you know, your friend "that super tired girl!" Ha! I corrected her that you weren't super TIRED, but TIRED super girl! Funny. Love and miss you! I am totally posting your scones on my Recipe blog soon. You better sign up to be a follower too . I. am. watching. you. :-)

Kara said...

Oh - and SHE LOVED your book by the way.

Of course she did.

You're awesome!!

susanna said...

Kara - you can tell your friend that I am super tired. She is right! :) And I love that you are going to post the scones recipe up on the blog. We have to spread that good news around, don't we? I miss you and I will be eating with you as you blog. :)