Friday, October 22, 2010


So I'm getting older. No surprises there. Who isn't?
But this year is a big one for me. I turn 40.
I have 4 weeks left to live it up in my 30's.
It may just be me but doesn't the zero on the 40 look like it is an open mouth,
caught in surprise, saying, "Ohmylord! How can it be?"
I'm not particularly freaking out about 40 it just seems that it has
snuck up on me so quickly and all of the sudden hair coloring seems
like more of a mandate instead of a fun treat at the beauty shop.
Scott and I have discussed this.
We have said to each other,
"What are our options? Turning 40 or....dying."
"Let's go with turning 40."
Neither of us are particularly ready to visit the sweet by and by so
we are going with another decade.
I think what shocks me the most is that now I will be able to say,
"20 years ago....." And that will mean that I am referring to my 20's.
Wasn't I just 20? Wasn't I just bumbling around my life trying to figure
out who I was and where I was going
and what were the appropriate pants to wear?
That sounds a lot like yesterday to me.
Well, it was just yesterday...I still have trouble finding pants to wear.
But here is the thing I am starting to realize
about enterring the realm of 4-0.
I'm starting to like me.
I'm beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin...
(even though I just found out I have a corn on my foot
and I tried to tell the doctor that it wasn't and she just kept
smiling at me and telling me to purchase corn remedies
which makes me gag a little but that is another blog post entirely.)
But maybe that is the bonus of adding years to one's life.
You get to know yourself better each year
and are more thankful for the years
of life you've been given and
you can just relax a bit in the fact that God is doing his thing...
leading you, shaping you, molding you.
It is a good place...a good year to be.
Besides someone just told me the other day,40 is the new sexy.
Clearly, with my corns and all, that is exactly where I'm at.


Belle said...

I just turned 60 in March. You wanna talk about shock! I loved my 40s and I hope you do too.

deezmath said...

Okay...SO glad I had breakfast already. Corns, gagging...hooboy, way help out a girl's diet.

Do you ever wonder if we like ourselves better as we get older 'cause by that time, we realize, "Well, I'm stuck wicha, I may as well figure out how to like ya." lol. Maybe it's just me.

p.s. didja check out that guy's vimeo yet? didja, didja?? ;-D

Mariel said...

hahaha! you and your corns make me smile! my man turned 35 today and he says he feels "old"...I asked him what he'd say at 75?? he said he won't be able to hear me anyway!! I hope you had a great birthday!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I agree: 40 is much better than the alternative. And yes, one of the glories of old age is the self-assurance that comes with it. It doesn't mean we settle. But it does mean we appreciate more each year the wonder God made us to be.

Patty Martin said...

Been there - done that - still doing that at 60.
we just "keep on keepin' on"!
Hang in there, Sue - I think you're FABULOUS!
Love from Patty

Laura said...

Well, I'm staring down 60...okay in another three years, but it's on its way! And like you, I keep thinking, "What's the alternative?" So, I'm getting ready to embrace the big 6-0 when it come. And I'm telling MYSELF, "Sixy is the new sexy!" (It's got a kind of ring to it, doesn't it :-))

Kecia said...

Welcome to the 40's--it's not so bad!
I turned 43 in January, and still think of myself as "just-turned-43." Then I realized that January is coming again, in, like 3 months! And I'll turn 44!! Holy cow. How did that happen?

sugarnuggets said...

You're so cute!!

I felt the EXACT same way about turning 40 last year!

Corns, pants, sexy and all.....

Pilgrim said...

I hear you! I just turned 38 and it astounds me that when I refer to "20 years ago" I am now talking about my college days. Wasn't "20 years ago" just the 1970's or something?
I do agree with you though-- every year I get older, I get more comfortable with myself and like myself more. Getting older is good.