Wednesday, October 20, 2010

great expectations

Parenting is never a walk in the park.
I was talking to my sister Jenny, yesterday.
Her little boy, Drew, is teething.
One tooth here. One tooth there.
Not sleeping. Crying in the night.
She said these words to me.
"I just never know what to expect."
The words spoken by parents everywhere down through the millenia.
I counseled her the best I could.
I believe I answered, "Get used to it."
As if you can get used to not meeting up with one's expectations.
I know you don't ever really get used to it since
just yesterday my boys came up with the idea of "sp-ugging".
Hugging while spanking each other's bottoms.
I never saw that coming.
But I didn't even flinch. I sp-ugged them back.
I even thought this might be a new method of disclipline
that I could incorporate into my parenting.
I am much more laid back than I used to be.
This comes from 9 years of being worn down by sleepless nights,
sheer lack of control, countless illnesses, innumerable ER trips,
rude table manners and relentless whining.
It also comes from 9 years of unbridled hilarity,
un-solicited kisses and leg hugs, professions of love,
spontaneous games of hide and seek,
fun trips to the park or the beach or the library,
reading books together, cuddling on the couch,
the moments of realizing that this tiny hand fits exactly into one's palm,
and the happiness of seeing a small face
look up into yours with unabandoned affection.
This is the un-mitigated joy
that comes from being in the presence of one's child.
You can't expect that either.
Just yesterday, Addison, our 4 year old, announced
that he is learning the hard "c" sound found in the word "cat".
Both Scott and I were filled with such pride at his new found knowledge.
(and brilliance, I might add....not that I am biased or anything.)
We didn't see that coming either.
We just never know what to expect...
will it be the horror of a tetanus shot today or an engaging game of go fish?
We never know.
But what we do know is that it just doesn't get any better than this.


Lori Harris said...

After your entire entry (nodding my head in agreement with all of it)....I get to the last line and cry...because you are SO right :)

Pilgrim said...

Spugging... only boys would come up with that one!

I am SOOOO with you on this post!