Sunday, October 17, 2010

apparently, an ancient tome resides in my home

This morning I pulled out my old Ryrie Study Bible,
the one with the ripped cover that used to have my name printed on the front.
It has been well loved (and lugged over the years), visited multiple countries,
Ireland, France, Colombia, Albania, Switzerland, Spain, and has seen me through many
joys and trials. (I heart you, Study Bible.)
I was laying on my bed reading and Addison came in and laid next to me and asked,
"Mom,what book is that?"
"This is the Bible that Grandma and Grandpa gave me when I graduated from
High School."
"This Bible is 20 years old."
Addison's face lit up.
"That is so cool! Mom, I didn't know that books turned numbers!"
We may be having cake later today in its honor.


Belle said...

I found an old Bible at a garage sale that was published in 1861 by the British Bible Society. It is written in the Native American Cree language. I have it in my living room and I often wonder where that Bible has been and who it was originally given to. I read that they were distributed by missionaries in the 1800s.
What a blessing the Bible has been to the world.

Kecia said...

So sweet!