Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the art of procrastination

Procrastination is what I am doing right at this moment.
It is when you are doing one thing...
all the while knowing that you should be doing another thing.
The other thing is usually something of significance.
Like doing your taxes or Bible reading or lawn fertilization.
You tell yourself that surely you will do
this other thing....just a little later.
But really, instead of actually doing this other thing later,
you are just ratcheting up your anxiety level
and giving yourself a stress headache
and an eye tic by putting it off.
Maybe you are wondering, how is she procrastinating right now?
I am blogging while I should be working on a chapter in my book.
I have set myself up a schedule for writing as I am on deadline now.
I have each day planned out as to what chapter I need to be
working on and how many chapters per week and so on and so forth.
Nothing should ever come between me and my schedule.
Except for maybe laundry...that can come between me and my schedule.
And maybe switching out different candlesticks in my living room
since the season is fall-ish instead of summer now...that is important.
A brief re-org of the spices is necessary...
that should come before my writing.
And don't forget solitaire...
can I really even write well before completing a game or 7?
There is something in me that rears up in my spirit as I sit down
and commit myself to write.
Something that says,
"How long has it been since you oiled your cuticles?"
And immediately I think,
"My cuticles are drier than they have been in years.
I am completely slacking in self-care. Clearly, the writing can wait."
Procastinating is something that comes natural to me.
I can put off anything that really matters
for a good week or month or 2 years.
But maybe this is the year
that I will conquer the beast within and make some headway.
Maybe with this book and this new writing schedule
and the strong work of the Holy Spirit in attendance,
I will learn how to follow through and not shirk my writing duties.
So in a grand attempt to throw off this habit of procrastination
I am now going to end my blog.
I am actually going to sit down and write some words for the book that
I promised my editor and agent and publishing house that I would write.
(I love you, Vicki and Wendy and Revell. I promise I am writing. Really.)
Or maybe I should shower first....


Carrie said...

I'm supposed to be paying bills.

Instead, I wrote a *riveting* blog post about my husband killing a spider last night.

I checked facebook.

Checked your blog and got a huge laugh to see that it was all about procrastination. Because that is exactly what I am doing right now! Ha!

sugarnuggets said...

You have succeeded in making me laugh today! I don't mind when you procrastinate....

Laura said...

I really, really love this! Nothing like a little procrastination to make the day fly by!

Pamela said...

Haha! You had me captivated at taxes...I get this. I should have been sewing this week for work, but I did clean everyone's bedding including dust ruffles, mattress pads, and the like. I had coffee with several friends. Ministry right? To my family and friends. Maybe you've insired me to let this be the time that procrastination ends. After I check facebook, I will do something on the list...