Saturday, October 30, 2010

something is just not right

When Scott and the boys and I were out the other day,
tooling down Burlingame Avenue window shopping
something stopped us dead in our tracks.
It was this.

Now I am not a fashion maven or a follower of high couture
but when men start dressing in toddler rompers and gym socks
something has gone terribly awry in the fashion industry.
I don't know what else to say about this other than that
it still disturbs me to look at it and I guess,
I just wanted you to be disturbed along with me.
You're welcome.


The Oswalds said...


Mariel said...

wow...that is certainly disturbing...sorta takes me back to Milli Vanilli days!! haha!!

Kecia said...


lyndabyrd said...

disturbing...I would even be more disturbed if I saw a man dressed in that...

Lora said...


Pilgrim said...

oh dear.

Aly said...

I shop at that store sometimes! But don't worry ne'er will I wear their crazy things! :-)