Thursday, October 7, 2010

journaling can be cruel and unusual punishment

In the van this week, Jack and Will were comparing their Do-it-yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.
They have taken great pride in filling these pseudo-journals out.
The book provides space for the boys to draw pictures, make up their own cartoons, write favorite activities, awkward things that have happened and fun memories, etc.
One of the pages contained spaces to write all of the things that they didn't like
and Jack proceeded to read his not so favorite page aloud to Will.
Least favorite smell? Will.
Least favorite villian? Will.
This caused near hysteria in his younger brother.
"Stop it, Jack!" (Will)
I barked orders from the front seat.
"Jack, quit saying that your brother Will is all of your least favorite things!"
On the next page of Jack's book was a picture of a weird clown like figure that he had drawn and named "Wilting Willow".
He, of course, showed this to Will.
Will's voice rose three octaves,"Mom, he named his weird guy picture after me."
"No, I didn't. His name is Wilting Willow." (Jack)
"Jack, that's like Will naming his weird picture
Jackie Jackson and saying it's not you.
You are using his name....he knows you mean him." (me)
"I don't care if he names his picture Jackie Jackson. Go ahead, Will." (Jack)
"Mom, make him stop naming things after me." (Will)
"Boys, I will take both of your books away for a week
if you don't cut this out....right now." (me)
At the point, Addison piped up from the peanut gallery,
"Man! I'm sure glad I don't know how to write letters!"
I feel Addie has shown wisdom beyond his years and is offering me a small amount of sanity in the crazy of two journaling children.
Two kids who know how to write letters are about all I can take.


Belle said...

They sound like my two grandsons, except they wouldn't have had the patience to fill out journals.

Katy W. said...

Thank you for sharing that moment...amazing how one comment can move things from the brink of insanity to billows of laughter in zero to sixty! That's the power of words!

Pamela said...

I didn't just giggle on the inside (GOI), no I was LOL! Isn't family life fun?! I have 3 writers now...feel my joy??!! Enjoy your writers!!! Sounds like adventurous times are ahead. :)

Teri said...

Here's what Josh wrote about his sister is his school journal; "Janae, a strange name for a strange girl."

Shane said...

LOOOOOVE it! Keep journaling, boys!

Sheila said...

Oh my gosh...I so get your plight.