Friday, November 26, 2010


As always my pants are tighter than they should be on the day
after Thanksgiving.
It is probably exactly the opposite of how the pilgrims felt.
They probably hoped their pants would be a little tighter as
they were coming up on a New England winter and could use all
the fat they could get to keep warm.
I, on the other hand, live in California and think it is cold
when it gets below 60.
I start throwing jackets and scarves at the children.
But back to the pilgrims.
They had survived by skin of their teeth
after losing a lot of their numbers to disease and malnutrition.
And when they sat down to feast with the Native Americans who
had saved their lives that is exactly what they were thankful for.
Their lives.
I'm sure the food was fantastic but being alive? Even better.
It really puts it all into perspective.
When we asked our boys what they were thankful for we got answers
like Guitar Hero (Thanks, Ronnie, for the fun gift!)
and Rocky Road (the homemade candy we make every Thanksgiving).
Scott and I were thankful for each other and the boys.
But the miracle of being alive,
the fact that we are here, living, breathing, growing,
knowing each other, experiencing the world around us, full of ideas and
more turkey that anyone thought possible?
That is something that is great and awesome and joyful...
even when that life is sometimes painful and uncertain and indigestion prone.
So tonight I am thankful for breathing.
And for the One who gave me breath.
And I'm not going to lie...I'm a little thankful for Rocky Road.


Tulip said...

My father is a Cherokee elder and he always reminds us that though the natives' hospitality backfired in the long run (broken treaties, reservations, etc), we should never turn away the hungry. The best was offered at that meal and we should do likewise at every opportunity, offering to God and to the people he sets before us.

So you may feel free to set some rocky road before me... hint hint!

Rachel said...

I am truly thankful to be alive. Sometimes certain circumstances bring about a fresh perspective. I am also thankful for the loving support of family and friends.