Friday, January 14, 2011

we miss vacation

So we are finally getting back into the swing of things here at
the Aughtmon home after having some fun and frolic in the snow
in Colorado during Christmas break.
After a week of leisure and big breakfasts,
of no agendas and unbridled freedom,
the children having the run of Grandma and Grandpa's house
and the adults lounging and sipping coffee,
the last two weeks have seemed a bit harsh and unforgiving.
Somehow the adjustment back into real life after vacation is always
a struggle.
I think it may take us a full month to get our bearings after Christmas.
We still want to sleep in and are finding ourselves hard put to get
out the door on time to school.
The boys are still pining for free time and pulling out the homework
and getting to work seems to take divine intervention
and some threats on my part.
Putting all of the Christmas stuff away seems to take a whole lot
of effort.
The tree is gone. The ornaments are put away.
And yet the tubs of Christmas paraphanelia are still haunting
our back porch...having trouble making their way back to the shed
where they are stored.
The children have seemed to forget our house rules and
have littered the house with toys and dirty socks and graded homework papers.
It seems like everything within us is still longing for another
week of unstructured relaxation.
But it is not to be.
The garbage must be taken out. The dishes washed. The laundry folded.
We must soldier on.
I've been trying to involve the children as we put things away
and get our lives back in order after such a fun holiday season.
The other day as I was pulling groceries from the car,
I asked Addison to grab the bag carrying the bread.
He said, "Why?"
And I said, "Because I need your help."
And he answered, "But I don't want to."
And I said, "Addie, we are a team. We all have to work together."
As he picked up the bag and headed toward the door he said,
"Mom...I hate working together."
Four year olds rarely hold back their true feelings.
Addie is learning the rough ways of the world.
After vacation, re-entry is never pretty.
But he doesn't know what I know.
It's a 3 day weekend this weekend...things are looking up.

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