Thursday, February 24, 2011

apparently I am living with young frankensteins

The other day after I picked the boys of from school
the conversation turned to a discussion about my back.
I told the boys that one of the discs between my vertebrae
had been compressed and that is why it so sore.
Will piped up from the back, "Mom, when you die can we open
up your back and look at the discs?"
Irritated, I said, "Will, I'm not dying, my back is just sore."
Jack excitedly joined in, "No, really, Mom,that would be so cool.
Please donate your body to science!"
More irritated, I said, "I am not dying and I am not
donating my body to science."
They seemed disappointed. A little let down.
I decided to not upset them further by telling them
that they are not considered "science" and if I
did donate my body to science that there is
little chance of them ever seeing my insides.
Needless to say, I will be keeping all other medical
diagnoses to myself from now on.
Clearly, I need to seek sympathy elsewhere....
hopefully with some folks that aren't viewing me
as their next science fair project.


kwertz12 said...

I feel your pain Sue! I tweaked my back working out a couple days ago. Probably because my lazy body is resisting activity of any kind. You have my sympathy for sure!!

Benny said...

Clearly no sympathy from the boys but maybe a trip to The Tech's Body Worlds is in order.

Belle said...

This cracks me up! Kids are just so funny. Your pain isn't funny, but the kids are.

April Janet Jones said...

The conversation in your van sounds very similar to mine...your post made me smile due to the fact that your conversation could very well have been mine at any given time! Ü