Thursday, March 3, 2011

25 things i have learned since i hurt my back

1. It is really hard to eat a baked potato laying down.
2. I don't have any stomach muscles.
3. Bending at the waist is overrated.
4. I can hold my back very straight for a long time like an Irish Clogger.
5. Children like to jump on you more when you are on the couch.
6. Children don't understand why you are so upset
when they jump on you when you are the couch.
7. Plucking your eyebrows is not a high priority.
(Don't tell Scott - he will be sad.)
8. When you eat popcorn in a reclined position,
salt gets stuck in the creases in your neck.
9. Drugs are my friend.
10. Almost everyone has a hurt back story.
11. Even though I like having things in common with people,
I wish having a hurt back story wasn't one of them.
12. I can launch dirty clothes into the hamper by
picking them up with my toes and flinging them in a skyward arc.
13. I can now do squats like a Russian folk dancer.
14. I can spit out toothpaste without leaning forward.
15. Every muscle in my body is connected to my back.
16. I am not too embarrassed to eat standing up in a restaurant.
17. I can type, laying on my back, with my laptop on my stomach.
18. Re-freezable ice packs are my friend.
19. Pillows are my friend.
20. I will never take sitting up for granted again.
21. I look at things on the floor a lot but don't pick them up.
22. Daytime television can kill your soul.
23. Good fiction is a gift from God.
24. Chocolate still tastes good even when your back hurts.
25. Sweet boys kisses do make you feel better.


Pearl said...

Oh, man, are you funny!

I loved the salt in the creases of your neck thing. :-) That made my afternoon.


Shane said...

Chicken and dumplings has healing powers for a bad back.

dawn said...

just shared this list with my hubby who has been battling back pain for the last year and a half. He enjoyed it from his pillow and ice-pack couch spot. :0)

he thinks he can do the laundry toe launch thing too. it's good to have goals. :0)

April Janet Jones said...

I had polyhydramnios (a rare condition where you create too much amniotic fluid, to the point of creating major problems) with each pregnancy.

I got to the point of not being able to wash my face unless I was in the shower due to the fact that there was no position that would put my face over the sink unless I was on my knees (in which case I could not get up). So the spitting out toothpaste line made me LOL.

And then on my last pregnancy, it got so bad, I was on prostrate bed rest for 5 weeks...I wasn't even allowed to SIT! So the typing on the laptop lying flat with the laptop laying on the tummy is something I could totally relate to (except for the fact that my tummy was humongous and therefore I had to carefully wedge it up with multiple props). Too funny!

Hope you will be 100% soon. We're all praying for you here at Neighborhood Church!

BARBIE said...

Oh how this made me laugh. I especially loved #12, 14 and 21!