Tuesday, March 8, 2011

some things my almost 10 year old needs to know

Jack has grown 1 1/2 inches since September.
His face is changing. His legs are lengthening.
I try and push down on his head and make him get smaller.
But he doesn't like this for some reason and complains about it.
It just seems that since he got potty trained time has
accelerated and all of the sudden he is turning 10.
Those are double digits, people.
This is what Jack tells me.
"Mom,I am turning double digits this year."
At which point I stick my fingers in my ears and say,
Because I am not ready. Not that that matters.
I found a list of people that Jack wanted to invite to his party
on the living room floor this morning.
It was a long list of friends. Everyone in his class.
And then in big letters underneath it said, "Not Invited: WILL.
That would be his younger brother, Will, that is apparently not invited.
I called Jack over and said,"What is this?"
And he said, "A list of who is coming to my party."
I pointed to Will's name, "You know he is coming to your party right?"
"Ah, mannnnn," he said.
It seems 10 year olds don't want their little brothers coming to their parties.
So I am going to set the record straight here for my rapidly growing son...
In case you were wondering, Jack....
You are never too old to invite your brothers to your birthday party.
You are never too old to hug or kiss your mom
(I will however agree to clandestine hugs only at home and
I promise not to give you a big smoocheroo
in front of your 10 year old friends.)
You are never too old to be polite.
You are never too old to say your bed time prayers.
(Pretty soon you might want to include morning and noon time prayers -
especially when you have to take geometry.)
You are never too old to have fun.
You are never too old to be a good friend.
(You've got this one down. Just look at your list.)
You are never too old to bust out into a happy dance.
(I sense a certain reticence in you to participate in family dance offs -
Embrace who you are. You are an Aughtmon. Dancing is in your genes.)
You are never too old laugh at yourself.
(I love this about you, Jack.
You appreciate a good chuckle on your own behalf.)
You are never too old to be considered my baby.
(I pinky swear not to call you "my baby" in public but you
should know that Grandma Sandy calls Dad "her baby" to this
day and as you know your Dad is a grown man.)
Mostly, Jack, you should know you are never too old to know
how much you are loved.
I love all almost ten years of you more than you can know.
Dad, does too.
And you should know, we are both coming to your party.



Shane said...

I laughed out loud at Jack's uninvited list. I dropped Julia off at school the other day and as she walked down the hall I called out things like, "Bye, Honey Bunny.' "I love you Sugar Booger." From behind I saw her slap her hand to her forehead, gaze to the ground. Hey, the safety patrol kid thought it was funny.

susanna said...

Shane, I love it! As long as the safety patrol thought it was funny, it's all good!

Leesa Munger said...

My son is turning 10 in June so I know what you are going through! Life is good :)