Friday, March 11, 2011

thoughts on lent

A lot of people give up something for Lent,
the 40 days before Easter, to keep them focused on the Lord,
reminding them each time they want that thing they have given up,
of his great love and all he gave up for us on the cross.
I think anything that keeps my mind staid on Jesus is a good thing.
I'm giving up junk food for Lent this year...
it's a choice that drives me to my knees,
especially mid afternoon when the chocolate cravings attack with
a fierceness that leaves me weak.
I think my sin nature is attached to my sweet tooth.
Giving up chocolate seems to keep me in a state of constant prayer...
(Sweet Jesus, help me now!)
Last night at dinner Jack asked if he could do something for Lent.
If kids could give something up for 40 days.
We said "yes, of course" a little taken aback that he would want to join in.
We were a little over proud
at his willingness to do something so sacrificial....
Until Jack smiled his wide smile and said,
"I am going to give up eating fruits and vegetables for Lent."
To his dismay, he was met with a "nice try".
Such are the inner spiritual workings of pastor's family.
(I myself thought giving up laundry might not be a bad idea.)
Maybe we'll be more holy by next year.
We can always hope.


Belle said...

That is so cute.
I've never practiced Lent, but it would be hard for me to give up sweets too. I can see why it would remind you of God. The few times I have fasted while praying for a family member, being hungry reminded me to keep praying. I finally understood the reason for fasting - it keeps you aware of God.

Amy Liz said...

I gave up laundry for a week. My laundry room is now bursting at the seams. That wasn't such a good idea . :)