Friday, March 11, 2011

the newly revised updated and spectacular league of tired supergirls (and guys) list

Here is the newly updated list of fantastic blogs
of those folks who consider themselves tired super girls (or guys).
If you would like your blog to be included
just leave your blog's link in the comments.

All The Mus
Because Life is Like a Bowl of Marbles
Bizzie Lizzie
Books and Boys
Bonbon Blog
But Now I See
Caroline’s Thoughts
Ceaseless Praises
Confessions of a Working Mom
Courageous Mommy
Crocuses in March
Elemental Children’s Ministry
Em's Xanga
Eternity Driven
Finding Beauty
Free For Faith
Girly Muse
Glimpses and Ponderings
Holly’s Hobbie
If This Couch Could Speak
Immeasurably More
In My Secret Place
In the Midst
It’s How You Live
Journey of an Astromom
Julie Verner
Just a Southern Girl
Leaving a Legacy
Little White Schoolhouse
Love Well
Makin' it 'Write'
Moddy’s Thoughts, Prayers and Adventures
Mommy vs. Army of 5
More Than Mom
My Freshly Brewed Life
My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving
Paula’s Page
Pens and Needles
Rice Cereal Sucks
Simplifying Me
Snippets and Tangents
Strawberry Cake
Tales of a Soccer Mom
The Douglas Drama
The Leaking Window
The Sky is Only Dark Between the Stars
This Silly Blog Thing
Thoughtful Meanderings
Vibrant Living


April Janet Jones said...

Katy W. said...

Love your are such an inspiration!

Maya said...

Christina V said...

WOW Looky there I am linked. Guess I shouldn't be so excited, but its kinda like my first time and all. Guess I should get back to blogging eh?

Kelly B. Pate said...

I had great success last summer when I offered an in-home group study using Bangs. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep it coming!

Lori Riffe said...

Loved meeting you this weekend!