Monday, March 14, 2011

light a candle

Last Friday, I called my mom and told her that Scott's Grandma Alice,
had fallen and received a hairline fracture in her pelvis and then while
at the hospital, tried to get out of bed and fell and broke her leg.
Granny (as we call her) had to have surgery on her leg
and during the course of her hospital stay suffered a mini-stroke.
Granny has had a rough week to say the least.
Not to mention that she is pretty ticked off about being in the
hospital in the first place.
So I said to Mom, "Can you light a candle for Granny and pray for her?"
To which she said, "Yes, of course."
Last year when the earthquake happened in Haiti,
my mom took to lighting a candle on her kitchen counter top.
Every time she would pass by it through out the day it would remind her
to pray for those who were hurting and desperate in Haiti.
It's a habit that has taken. It would be safe to say with all
that is going on in the world and in life,
that mom's candle is lit more often than not.
We have been watching coverage of the earthquake and tsunami
in Japan this whole weekend.
It is horrifying and heart wrenching to see all at the same time.
It is too much for us to take in that whole villages are gone and
families have been rent apart
and millions of people are in need of clean water and housing.
More than once I have caught myself praying while watching the news,
praying for sons and daughters to be found,
praying for those stupid aftershocks to stop (I hate aftershocks!)
and praying for the Holy Spirit to be only what he can be...
a comfort in the face of such great loss.
So this morning I lit a candle. Make that 5 candles.
One in each room of the house.
Scott is concerned that I am trying to start a house fire.
But I want to remember to pray without ceasing today...
for those who need it so much.
And we are putting feet to our prayers as well.
My friend, Marty, is organizing a candle/bake sale for our church,
this Sunday, to raise money for the relief effort there
We may not be able to set foot on Japanese soil,
but i think with baked goods and a winged prayer,
Jesus can take what we offer and multiply it out...
cookies and candles are not so different from loaves and fishes.
So if you think of it, grab a tea light or left over taper from Christmas,
and say a prayer to the One who can heal on behalf of those he loves in Japan.
And if you think about it, you can mention Granny, too.

ps if you would like to give to a relief organization but don't know
of a good one here are three that all outstanding
Convoy of Hope
The American Red Cross
World Vision

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Julie said...

That is a great idea in general. Even when there is not a major crisis, I need constant reminders to let my daily life interrupt my prayer, not my prayer interrupting my daily life. Does that make sense??? It did in my head anyway. Thanks for the idea!