Thursday, April 28, 2011

wills and kate are going to have to get married without me

There has been a whole lot of hype about the upcoming royal wedding.
It is sure to be romantic and larger than life.
There will be diamonds and carriages and men in spats.
That is not something you see everyday.
I was still in elementary school when the last royal wedding took place.
My sisters and I got up in the wee ungodly hours of the morning
to watch Princess Dianna and Charles get married.
I remember sleeping in front of the tv in a nylon sleeping bag
and Erica setting the alarm for us to wake up.
I remember the alarm going off, reaching for my glasses and
watching Diana unfurl her train for miles as she got out of the carriage.
It was magical. Every little girl's dream.
Princess dress. A prince. A castle. Seriously.
Do you know what every girl's dream is at my age?
A full 8 hours of sleep and a dvr to record the ceremony.
Because I am telling you that if I get up at 1 am tomorrow morning
to watch the wedding, the fallout is not going to be pretty.
Eye bags, semi-nauseous, gravelly voice, and miss cranky pants attitude
are sure to be present.
No one wants that.
There would have to be a 3 week recovery period with extra daily naps
required for that much sleep loss.
So that being said, I am a romantic at heart and I still want to celebrate.
One doesn't see a commoner become royalty everyday.
Kate is living the fairytale.
So in honor of William of Wales and his lovely bride,
as soon as I rise, I will be brewing a hearty cup of earl grey tea with milk
and watching the re-cap of the royal nuptials.
If you also need your beauty rest, please join me
in raising a piping hot mug of tea to the lovely couple.
Say around 8:00 in the morning. Or noon.
Whichever works for you.


sam said...

i absolutely love this: "Do you know what every girl's dream is at my age?
A full 8 hours of sleep and a dvr to record the ceremony." SO TRUE! the twins had me up this morning to watch some of the festivities. but i would LOVE 8 hours of sleep!! :) enjoy your DVR recording and coffee and know that i am slightly jealous. ;)

Lora said...

Right there with ya, Sue! Slept through the night and then watched it on DVR :)