Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dc here I come!

Some of our funnest years were when Scott was on staff with Mark and Lora Batterson
at National Community Church in Washington DC.
Jack was 2 and Will was an infant.
I was trying to navigate motherhood....come to think of it...
I'm still working at that one out.
The church was just launching into multi-sites,
80% of the church were 20-30 year old singles and
we were some of the oldest people on staff.
I remember a 20 something girl telling me,
"We need older people like you here that we can look up to."
I believe I was 32 at the time.
Clearly, I was full of all manner of age old wisdom at that point in my life.
But what we loved most were are relationships that formed with
the staff and friends in the church.
They anchored us.
There cannot be a stronger friendship glue than laughing together,following Jesus,
and trying to do something collectively in His name.
Unless maybe you throw in surviving a cicada invasion, weekly park playgroups, lamenting sleepless nights and gassy babies over cups of coffee,
and bonding over less than moments in the ministry...that was a part of it too.
So you have to know that it is more than a little surreal to be
going back this month to speak at a women's event at NCC.
Not just to meet up at a park to let the kids run amok but
talk about Jesus and life and how much he loves us.
It's all coming full circle, people.
I can't wait to see the NCC girls and drink some coffee at Ebenezer's and
chat with Lora and Nina and of course, laugh.
Sometimes God sees fit to order our lives in a way that fills us up
with fellowship and girl time and laughter.
even when public speaking and sweat gland issues are involved.
There is nothing better than that.
Unless maybe you can do it all while drinking a non-fat iced mocha from Eb's.
Now we're talking.


pamelitarose said...

Sounds wonderful! Safe and fun travels!!

Kara said...

You're advertisement looks beautiful (as do you in your picture). Sooo jealous and wish I could attend too. The laughs, the coffee and the message from Sue Aughtmon sount perfect. Hug all the girls for me - and yourself too! Love you. So proud of all that God has done and is doing in your life!