Monday, May 30, 2011

and we have a new family photographer

Addison has shown a creative flair for taking pictures.
He was on the move last night trying to catch life in the
Aughtmon home at it's most natural...most raw.
Here is his take on a kick back Sunday night at Chez Aughtmon....

Clutter by the front door.

The television tuned into an episode of Young Indiana Jones.

Dad on the phone.

Mom in the kitchen.

Uncle Brett looking gangsta.

Cousin Drew on the prowl.

Jack with his eyes rolled back in his head.

Will hamming it up.

And a daring self portrait...Addie's nostrils unedited.
Ansel Adams step aside.
Meet Addison Aughtmon.


susanna said...
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Belle said...

Addison did a great job!

Cheri Williams said...

Bet you can guess which is my fave. o^o

Sheila said...

Almost every time I pick up my camera there is some nonsense on it...but it always makes me giggle. Thanks for sharing your budding photographers artistry. And by the way you look SO young. Dang girl!

susanna said...

Belle, I think Addie did great, too! (I am biased, however). Cheri...could it be the full blown nostril shot? It's my favorite, too! Sheila, you are my new best friend for saying that I look young!