Sunday, June 5, 2011

donut days

Scott has been out of town for a conference
and let's just say that things have been a bit wild here on the home front.
I would like to tell you that I have it all under control
but I know the children would rat me out.
I woke up on Friday with 30 minutes to get my children dressed,
fed and to school before I had to be at work at Addie's preschool.
There was a lot of yelling and some bribery that went down.
"Get dressed! Brush teeth! In the car! We'll get donuts on the way!"
You have never seen the children move so fast and with such a
missional look in their eyes.
I could tell they weren't sure if I was lying about the donuts
and was going to pull out some shredded wheat at the last minute
but they moved quickly and were thrilled with me
when I ushered them into Lucky's bakery section.
Thrilled and chatty and gushing with love for me!
All because of donuts with sprinkles.
By God's good grace and his loving kindness, the children were dropped
off at school and I made it to work on time.
Praise his sweet name!
Then Saturday morning, our second day of flag football camp,
A late breaking email from coach said that due to rain,
we needed to dress the children in layers
and bring an extra set of shoes!
Which made me think do they EVEN have an extra pair of shoes?"
So I am in their closets whipping out 14 pairs of too small shoes,
digging through bins of outgrown clothes, and coming up with nothing.
A pair of pleather dress shoes for Addison to wear and
last summer's flip flops for Jack and Will.
And all the while time is ticking away. Quickly.
For the second morning in a row I am running late...
because clearly I am having issues, people.
(Mama is tired...that's all I can say.)
So for the 2nd morning in a row I am yelling at the children,
"Hurry! Sweats on! Sweatshirts! Shorts! Teeth!
And lastly but not least, "Donuts again!"
At this point, the boys knew I had lost my mind but they were going with it.
I,the mother who preaches the gospel of fruits and veggies and limited sweets,
am offering them to eat donuts two days in a row?
Can life get any better? Richer? Sweeter? Clearly, it can't!
As we zoom down the street towards Lucky, our neighborhood donut dealer,
I throw bananas at the children and force them to eat them
pre-donut since I can hardly stand the severe
lack of nutrition I am offering them.
They were in a sugared state of bliss as we drove to practice.
(I, on the other hand, was racked with guilt and snacked on trail mix
trying to convince myself that in the grand scheme of things...
two consecutive days of pastry for breakfast
doesn't make me a horrible mother? Does it? DOES IT?)
Today's breakfast was leisurely and back on track....
peanut butter toast...fresh fruit...juice.
The children seemed a little deflated.
I am planning on scrambled eggs for tomorrow...
a little more protein to bring them down off of the sugar.
But I know in their heart of hearts,
the boys hope my alarm won't go off tomorrow.
That I will wake up with a minimum of time to get ready and
will be thrown into the chaotic mad dash of the last two days.
And that by some random aligning of the planets,
that I will call out into the early morning air, one more time,
"Donuts for everyone!"
And even though you may be disappointed in me,
and my lack of nutritional prowess, at this point in the game...
I'm not ruling it out.


pamelitarose said...

Love it! We surprisingly got donuts Saturday after soccer! (except I ate one also :( ) it's fun to be "the good guy" now and then. :)

Shoelady said...

My name is Donna F., and I am a donut-aholic. I do the same thing, often. Good blog, sweet too.

mighty morfin said...

Nope. I don't think you're a bad mom!! I think you gotta do what you gotta do!! Hey, it's not a candy bar for breakfast right?