Monday, May 2, 2011

it could be a hot summer

My son, Addison, has a thing for textures.
He loves touching anything that is soft or fluffy or
He has offended several children at his preschool by
touching their hair or rubbing their ear lobes without permission.
Clearly, he hasn't learned about personal boundaries yet.
Yesterday it was my turn to be offended.
The sun was out. The air was warm.
It was time to pull the shorts out of winter hibernation.
I was laying on my bed reading a book when Addison came
and accosted my bare calves.
"Oh,Mom!" he said, squeezing my skin, "I love your chuvvy, chuvvy legs!)
(chuvvy chuvvy = chubby chubby)
"They are so squishy and bouncy. Like a trampoline!"
I promptly sent him out of the room calling after him,
"Don't touch mommy's legs!" in a high shrieking tone.
I was shocked and wounded and appalled. And shocked.
Squishy and bouncy?
Just thinking about it makes me tense up my calf muscles.
Someone needs to teach that kid that if you don't have something
nice to say than don't say anything at all.
Until that happens, I will be wearing pants.


Julie said...

I'm sure he meant it in the sweetest, most complimentary way!!

deezmath said...

Oh, yes, the brutal honesty of our children that keeps us humble and wary of their touch. Be happy he didn't slap your arm and then thigh and say, "Look, Mommy, I'm making wabes!" (wabes = waves) Uh, huh. Thank you, Siena. :-/

Kara said...

Ha! Oh no. Well, Mak likes to play with my "jiggly tummy" quite often too. It's just lovely. Kids have a way of taking us down a few notches. Seriously. :-) I'm sure your legs are nothing but stealth, don't let the boy take you down.

Anne said...

Oh, but to him that was the nicest complement ever!!! Remember, you were *relaxing* on the bed..... I do believe everyone's calves are bouncy and squishy when they're relaxed..... right???