Thursday, May 5, 2011

i like being a mom

I've spoken many times of copious amounts of cleaning
that accompany motherhood,the dailiness of life,
the errant flu bugs upend weekend plans
and the smells that emanate from my sons shoes.
Being a mom is not for the faint of heart.
We are a strong minded, no nonsense, get 'er done type of crew.
But every once in a while I am caught off guard by
the loveliness of being a mom.
My sons disarm me with their sweetness,
their soft hearts, their creativity, their love.
Quick side hugs.
A soft, "I love you, Mom" whispered into my hair.
Pictures penned with me in mind.
A snuggle on the couch while we read or watch tv.
I soak these things up...pondering them in my heart, as it where.
The other night I heard some whispering in the hallway
and Jack and Addison ventured into the backyard while
Will did his homework at the table.
I was icing my back on the couch, one of my favorite activities
these days.
And lo and behold, in came my boys, with fistfuls of flowers
from our newly blooming backyard.
"Happy Mother's Day, Mom," they said.
"We wanted it to be a surprise."
Will did not want to be left out.
He added his own bouquet.
Jack painstakingly arranged the flowers in mugs and added
peppermint, stalks of lavender and Japanese maple cuttings for effect.
I was overwhelmed. Because of their unprompted thoughtfulness.
I may have gotten a bit teary. They are used to it.
They know mom cries a lot. Especially about good things.
I'm weird like that.
I can't help thinking despite the bad smells and endless laundry....
there is nothing I would rather be than a mom.


kwertz12 said...

Agreed! Motherhood is amazing! Side note: Those boquets are the cutest!! Your boys have an eye for pretty things!

ronda said...

Your boy's bouquets are beautiful, as are the vases! You are raising very thoughtful boys. What a blessing to be a mom.