Monday, May 9, 2011

sometimes days turn out better than you think they will

Today was one of those red letter days in my youngest son's life.
It was Addie's day for his kindergarten physical.
This means one thing...shots.
I have no fondness for shots...for me or anyone else.
But I enjoy living without disease so I go with them.
So this morning I told Addie, "We're getting your shots today, buddy."
And he said,"Do we get to go to Target for a prize?"
And I said, "Yep!"
Because I am a firm believer of prizes if you endure pain
and my children know this. They bank on it, in fact.
He said, "Can I have hot chocolate, too?"
And I said, "Maybe."
"And a scone?"
The boy knows how to work his mother.
"We'll see."
We made it through the doctor's appointment with flying colors.
He is healthy and can see and hear...clearly, he is brilliant.
Then we went to the room...the one with the NEEDLES.
4 of them to be exact.
I held Addie on my lap. The nurse did her swift and deadly duty.
Addie was stoic until the last shot after the nurse polka dotted
his small arms with circlular bandaids.
Then his small face crumpled.
He stood up and leaned the full length of
himself into my arms and wept.
I got a bit teary myself.
"Mom," he said, "That was SO pokey!"
And I agreed, "Yes, it was."
I hugged him close...and thought bad thoughts about the nurse
to make myself feel better.
We made it out to the car, holding hands, Addie still teary.
And then we decided we had better go to Pizza My Heart
since it is Addie's favorite and clearly, warm cheese makes everything better.
Even shot pricked arms.
Somewhere amidst the pepperoni and sips of soda,
his sunny disposition was restored.
Carbonated beverages can do that for 5 year old boys.
We chatted about preschool and about why he doesn't like
ranch on his carrots. The important things in life.
"Mom," he said, "This is the best day ever."
I agreed. Shots and all.
And we hadn't even gone to Target yet.


Julie said...

I hate shot day for my kids! Luckily we are mostly done until they are 12, except for my 4 month old. I only give prizes for not SCREAMING at the dentist office.

henryjz said...

Dang it, Sue! Now I have something stuck in my eye...

Lora said...

Precious! I LOVE that he asked for a scone :) He is definitely your child, Sue!

kwertz12 said...

I love the stories about your boys! Especially the ones like this. This is so sweet! Give the little guy a hug from me. Shots stink!

Ashley said...

Shots and Target. :) What an awesome day. I love reading your blog you have a great narrative voice.