Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i've been enjoying a funny 5 year old lately

Five year olds are like cheese...
they just get better and better with age...or stinkier...or both.
And lately, my third son is coming into his own.
It is a pleasure to watch him stretch his wings,
forming his take on things.
I am enjoying hearing his thoughts on life.
Take for instance yesterday.
We found out Jack is overdue for two shots.
Jack quickly asked,
"Do I have to get the stinging kind like Addie had?"
"Nope, no tetanus," I said.
Jack looked relieved.
Addie piped up, "Jack, my shots hurt really bad.
It felt like they were sticking needles into my arms..."
Jack and I said, "Addie, they WERE sticking needles in your arms."
He looked completely shocked and then squinched up his eyes at us and said,
"Say what?"
Jack and I couldn't stop laughing.
Addie joined in...and then proceeded to repeat,
"Say what?" at least 5 more times.
He has learned from his father that if it is funny once
then by all means, keep repeating it.
I could take a dose of sweet Addie funniness all day.
Lucky for me I get to.


Sheila said...

Kids DO say the darndest things don't they! it made me giggle too!

Shoelady said...

That kid is not only funny, but adorable too. :)

pleasure amazing place said...

children act on his mind
adults control the action with his mind