Thursday, June 30, 2011

thank you for that, my loving son.....

As I was making lunch this afternoon,
Addie came into the kitchen and sidled up to me,
leaning against my upper thigh.
He is my snuggler, prone to kisses and squeezes,
and I take them any way I can get them.
I was expecting some words of love and sweetness when
Addie looked up at me and said with affection,
"Mom, guess what?"
"Chicken butt!"
"And guess who?"
"Chicken poo!"
With that he turned and left the kitchen.
Clearly, I am full to overflowing with gratitude for
his kind words and sentiments.
I am glad he feels free to share his heart felt emotions with me.
Maybe he will see his way clear later to ask me
"Why not?" and offer up some "chicken snot" for good measure.
I can only hope.


Aly said...

HAHAH!!!! He's the greatest! :-)

BARBIE said...

Oh, don't you just love those boys!

scott aughtmon said...

I do love those boys...potty talk and all! :)

Cynthia said...

That's boy talk for "you're the best" I know because I have four boys and I understand it now, Lol.