Wednesday, June 22, 2011

an unforgettable father's day...and not in a good way

This past Sunday found me frazzled.
Nothing new there.
I am often caught off guard by holidays, birthdays, events,etc.
And here Father's Day had rolled around and
I was card-less and gift-less.
(this is no reflection on Scott who is a stellar dad...
just on me and my lack of organization at present.)
All this to say, Sunday morning found me zipping to Target
for a card and to Starbucks for a treat for Scott before
getting the house ready for our small group meeting at our house.
I thumbed through a lot of lame cards and then I found one
that said, I love you more than shopping, more than clothes,
blah blah blah and more than chocolate and Baby, that's a lot!
Happy Father's day to the best husband in the world.

or something to that effect and I thought,
"Perfect! Scott will be thrilled after all these years to know
that I do prefer him to chocolate."
(He may have doubted this on occasion.)
So I zipped back home. Had the boys sign their card. I signed mine.
Served up Scott his white mocha and blueberry muffin and voila!
It is a happy Father's Day after all.
Until Scott decided to read my card out loud while he was sipping his beverage.
He got to the line after "I love you more than shopping,"
and read out loud in front of the children....
"I love you more than bubble baths except when they're with you."
Which caused me to gasp in disbelief and say, "Are you kidding me?"
and caused my oldest son, Jack, to say, "Awkward!" in a sing song voice.
Scott started laughing. And Will and Addison began chanting in unison,
"Bubble Bath! Bubble Bath! Mommy! Daddy! Bubble Bath!"
I snatched the card from Scott and lo and behold it really did say that.
Really. I'm not kidding.
And at this point I started making disclaimers,
"I totally didn't see that line.I was in a hurry. Dear lord, I can't
believe it says that."
Which was followed by more chanting from the children,
more laughter from Scott and me saying,
To no avail. The die had been cast.
For the last four days I have been hounded by my children saying,
"Bubble Bath" over and over to me. Because they can.
And they enjoy me screeching, "Will you stop saying bubble bath already?!"
The moral of this story?
Make your own father's day cards.
You will know what they say. Your husband will be touched by your creativity.
And your children won't be scarred for life thinking
about your bathing preferences.
And just for the record...I really don't like bubble baths.


Shoelady said...

LOL I am so sorry...they will never forget that. In twenty years from now, around the Thanksgiving table, no less, with daughters in law, remember that card Mom...and the laughter will continue.

Jon said...

That, without a doubt, is the most precious thing I've heard this year! While it may seem embarrassing right now, that's a lifetime memory that will always bring joy and laughter into your home. Young lady, you are blessed!

Cynthia said...

Come on, I bet secretly Scott loved it. I have four boys and they live for things like that to tease me endlessly about...ugh! That stuff only happens,well,just like that. Now that I am a grandmother I treasure the boys bringing up those stories! Happy Family :o)

Glen Davis said...


Kara said...

I'm dying laughing right now. Hilarious!!

Kara said...

Dave wants me to remind you that you have some other issues with reading. Remember the diving t-shirt of '03 that you bought for Scott?

ha! ha! ha!

It's o.k. sweetie. You are a tired supergirl. Love you.

taratalkstoomuch said...

Oh, that is such a good lesson for me! I am generally equally disorganized for that holiday, and I will learn well from you! See, it has an upside, you are helping others....

Korie Powell said...

Jack's response is possibly my favorite. I could literally see and hear him in my head. At least it didn't lead to "the talk" I guess?