Friday, July 22, 2011

deep thoughts i've had this summer

This summer is whizzing by at record speed.
We're over half way through July, for goodness sakes!
I feel the days slipping through my fingers like beach sand.
But I have definitely had some moments to think and ponder things.
Things of great import. Things that mean something.
And these are the deep and witty things that I have come to
believe this summer.
1. My green $2 flip flops from Old Navy go with everything.
2. My children, if given the chance, will eat me out of house and
home. And then move onto the neighbors like a swarm of locusts.
3. We never have enough time with family but when it comes around
it is only right soak it in and enjoy every second of it.
4. It's easier to become angry when you don't have air conditioning.
5. In accordance with the former statement, a $99 window unit is worth
every penny. And then some.
6. Butter doesn't hold up well in the heat.
(I told you...these are very deep thoughts.)
7. Video games are like crack to my children.
8. Nothing beats a good fat historical mystery
to escape for an afternoon.
9. It is okay to have ice cream everyday if it is hot or even
moderately cool outside. Because it is summer.
10. God is always at work...even when you don't know exactly what
he's doing.
11. Psalm 37 is a balm to the soul.
12. Dark chocolate from Trader Joe's is also a balm to the soul...
in a more fattening way.
13. Good friendships endure...despite distance and years.
14. If you yell out "Taco Bell" into the summer air,
your children will rise up and call you blessed.
15. Life feels better when you are surrounded by friends and good food.
16. Holding hands is still nice even after 14 1/2 years of marriage.
17. Hearing your children sing, even off key,
is one of life's great pleasures.
18. Life is full and that is a good thing.
One day it may be less full and then I'll be sad.
19. I will never be a contestant for So You Think You Can Dance but
I can embarrass my children by car dancing and that also brings joy.
20. Having a husband that makes you laugh is a gift.
21.If is unbearable hot in your house, your children will want to
touch you profusely. This is a given.
22. Making your own jam can lead to "jam-snobbery."
I'm okay with that.
23. The smell of coconut scented sunscreen makes me happy.
24. Going to sleep to the whir of a fan is a joy. It really is.
25. I need to have a dr. pepper.
That last thought just came to me right now.
I rarely have soda but every once in while you just need
a prune flavored carbonated beverage to celebrate a hot summer day.
Why don't you join me?


Julie said...

I feel ya sister. Ditto to #2, 7, 10, 11, the one about jam snobbery and a cold soda on a hot day. Not really a Dr Pepper fan, though! Oh, and the hotter it is the more the kids want to be all up on ya! LOL! Samesies!

scott aughtmon said...

My favorites (besides them all) are #10, #16, & #20! :)

April Janet Jones said...

Although they practically all ring true for me as well, #14 made me lol and my 11 year old son laughed along with me. Then as we were discussing #14, my other three heard the coveted words, "Taco Bell" and thus began a riot in my normally peaceful home! Ü

Christina V said...

Make mine a Diet D and I'm with ya.

Cynthia said...

I find sage wisdom in your ponderings and I must agree with them right...(had to laugh at the "hot days touchy kids"-so true!)down to the Dr. Pepper...don't drink much, but when I do...Yum! I wish I didn't know it was prune flavored! sigh :o(

Jon said...

#2 really resonates with me. With our kids, we stopped calling it eating and started calling it "grazing" when they got into their teen years. They start in one area (field) of the house, eat everything in sight, then move through the house doing the same throughout. Then, heaven help us if no one has gone to the store and replenished the fields before they come back. LOL