Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the war to end all water wars...until August anyway

This past week my folks came to stay.
The time we had together seemed to fly by
and we had to pack the fun in.
We packed in ice cream, video games,
cousin time with the Moody's, church,
pizza from Pizza My Heart and an afternoon at the pool.
And then there was the water fight.
Will bowed out. He doesn't enjoy a good drenching.
But Jack and Addie and Grandpa were all in.
Jack and Addie squared off against Grandpa and his
formidable aquatic attacks.
There was strategizing and trickery, oversized nerf guns
and the filling of a plethora of water balloons.
There was rule making
(no squirting when your opponent when they are refilling their weapon)
and limit setting
(do not squirt the people who are taking pictures...
that was my limit that I set since I was the one with the camera.)
And then it was on.

At the end of it, everyone was smiling.
That is no small miracle.
There wasn't even a mini-break down...
except when the picture taker was turned on
by her own father and children and was forced to join the watery fray.

All in all, a lovely water fight for all.
We're going out to see my mom and dad in Colorado in a few weeks.
Don't tell my dad, but the guns are going with us.
Water war 2, here we come!


Belle said...

That is a fun family game. I would have joined in too!

I Wonder Wye said...

That's a great way to enjoy a hot summer day. Thanks for posting -- this summer has been a continuation of a horrid spring, so it was great to be reminded that people are out actually having fun!