Thursday, September 1, 2011

this is why i shouldn't be allowed to interact with the public

About a month ago my computer gave up the ghost.
As in no hope of ever turning on or retrieving anything off of it kind of ghost.
So I researched computers a bit, an ended up getting a new laptop.
It just arrived in the mail 2 days ago.
My very own first ever never been used laptop.
It's so pretty. And new. And shiny.
All that to say that this morning I went on to try to access Microsoft
Office which was supposedly installed in the computer before
being sent and I realized I had to have a product key to install it.
There was none to be found in any of the packaging.
I was distraught. So Scott said, "Go ask customer service."
So I got on-line with HP.
May I say right off how very cordial the online agent was.
Clearly, they give them lessons in niceness before they talk with
customers who know nothing about computers who buy computers anyway.
The following conversation ensued.
09/01/2011 11:20:04AM Session Started with Agent (Shy A.)
Susanna: "Hi! i recently recieved my new computer
and I did not receive a product key to
access the microsoft offfice that was supposed
to be installed on the computer. How do I access microsoft office?"
Agent (Shy A.): "Thank you for contacting HP Home & Home Office Store Chat. Hi! Welcome to our Independence Sale. This is Shy. How are you today?"
Susanna: "Great! Thanks for asking"
Agent (Shy A.): "I'm sorry to know that you were not able to receive the product key code of your software."
Agent (Shy A.): "I am glad to know that you are doing great today."
Agent (Shy A.): "Susanna, did you a envelope inside the package?"
Agent (Shy A.): "*Susanna, did you see an envelope inside the package?"
Susanna: "No envelope. I have a bunch of to start the computer, notebook accessories and a 2 disks for windows recovery. A norton activation brochure. Blue ray brochure"
Agent (Shy A.): "There should be included a small envelope inside the package."
Agent (Shy A.): "Inside of the envelope is product key code of your software."
Susanna: "since there isn't an envelope is there a way that you can get me the number of the product key"
Agent (Shy A.): "Let me see what I can do regarding on this concern."
Agent (Shy A.): "May I place you on hold for two minutes while I check my resources?"
Susanna: "Shy - I lied! I just found a disk...can you forgive me?"
Susanna: "sorry for taking up your time"
Agent (Shy A.): "It's okay."
Agent (Shy A.): "I forgive you no problem with me."
Susanna: "Thanks for being so husband is embarrassed."
Agent (Shy A.): "It's a good thing that you found it."
Agent (Shy A.): "There is no need to be embarrassed it is an honest mistake."
Susanna: "Thank God! :) Hope you have a great day!"
Agent (Shy A.): "Thank you once again for using HP Home & Home Office Store Chat. We appreciate your business."
09/01/2011 11:34:56AM Session Ended
How was I to know that the disk was under the couch?
And wasn't it so fortunate that the kindly Shy did not type what
he was really
"I do not forgive you for thinking poorly of my company and
taking up precious moments of my day when you failed to look under
your couch for THE ENVELOPE containing the product key."
No, he was a very gracious gentleman.
Scott is humiliated as he witnessed the entire exchange.
He says I am quite often confidently wrong.
I, on the other hand, am ecstatic.
I have a computer. I have Microsoft Office.
I have a new best friend named Shy.
What more could a person want?


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You are so brave! That's one of my greatest fears...having to deal with computer people without my husband helping me! You go, girl!!