Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a conversation in the van

On the way home from school today Jack asked me, "Mom, what is your favorite palindrome?"
I paused. And reached into the dark recesses of my mind
trying to locate the definition of a palindrome.
I got nothing.
"Remind me what a palindrome is, buddy."
"A palindrome is the a word that spells the same thing
both forward and backward."
I reached back into that spacious abyss of my memory trying to
think of a favorite word that spells the same thing both
forward and backward.
"I don't think I have a favorite...what's yours?"
"I like Professor Ross E.Forp."
"Nice, that is a good one!"
Jack paused.
"Addie and Will's favorites are "poop" and "toot".
Of course they are.
Why wouldn't they be?
This brought giggles from the other boys.
Then Addie piped up, "I also like "bob".
Well, thank God for "bob" is all I can say.


pamelitarose said...

Funay!!! First of all, having a boy is truly different than girls...boys always find some way to incorporate bodily functions, esp. poop into all things...and find it amusing. We have 2 girls and 1 seven-year-old "baby" boy. Second, I just watched a video I took of Cz (our son) in was all about Bob. What is it with Bob??? Maybe Bob has a good poop story??!

Miss Brenda said...

race car--more masculine without the poop.
Or my fav: A man,a plan,a canal: Panama